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‘Gross Abuse’: Merrick Garland’s Former Constitutional Law Professor Is Now Blasting Him



Attorney General Merrick Garland is under fire from the left, and now, even from his own former Harvard constitutional law professor, after Special Counsel Robert Hur’s final report on President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents included what experts say were partisan remarks about the President that violated Dept. of Justice practice.

“Merrick Garland will be one of the greatest Attorneys General in American history, bar none. As my brilliant con law student, a principled prosecutor, and later a superb DC Circuit judge, he has displayed integrity, courage, fair-mindedness, and humanity,” wrote Laurence Tribe, on January 6, 2021, upon the announcement Biden would appoint Garland as the nation’s top law enforcement officer.

Now a University Professor Emeritus at Harvard University, Tribe taught constitutional law at Harvard Law for decades. In addition to Garland, among his most famous students and research assistants are Barack Obama, Ted Cruz, John Roberts, Elena Kagan, Jamie Raskin, and Adam Schiff.

Tribe appears to have since soured on his former student’s leadership of the U.S. Dept. of Justice.

On Sunday, Tribe pointed to this passage from a Politico article: “The president believes the special counsel investigating his handling of classified documents went beyond his remit. And part of the blame is being placed on the AG.”

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Tribe added, “As it should be. I’ve long respected my friend and former student Merrick Garland but he has bent too far backwards in order to avoid seeming pro-Biden.”

Tribe also cited an Associated Press report from Sunday: “Bob Bauer, as Biden’s personal lawyer, rightly ‘raised concerns over the inclusion of these details to both Hur and Garland.’ Garland should’ve granted Bauer’s appeal because Hur’s report violated DOJ ‘norms that work to avoid prejudicing the public against people who are not charged with a crime.'”

On Friday, professor of law, frequent MSNBC legal analyst, and former top DOJ official Andrew Weissmann wrote, “It was entirely foreseeable Rob Hur would pull a Comey in his report. Garland was [100%] right to have appointed a Special Counsel but wrong to pick Hur and to think only a Republican could fit the bill.”

Tribe responded: “It’s time we invented a verb for that kind of move. I propose we call it ‘garlanding’ or ‘pulling a garland.'”

On Sunday, Tribe reposted video of former Judge of the United States Court of Appeals, J. Michael Luttig repeatedly calling the Hur report “an abuse of power.” Tribe commented: “It was indeed. A gross abuse, and one the Attorney General should have intervened to correct.”

This is not the first time Tribe has criticized Garland. There are more than half-a-dozen times Tribe directly or indirectly leveled criticism at the Attorney General, largely surrounding what some see as an extremely lengthy delay in bringing criminal charges against Donald Trump.

For example, Tribe pulled this quote from this piece: “The languid pace at which AG Merrick Garland pursued January 6 cases must count as a but-for cause of the overlap between the litigation calendar and the political calendar.”

“He just needs to step on the accelerator,” Tribe wrote in August of 2022.

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In November of 2022, Tribe wrote: “Good morning, Merrick Garland. You awake?”

Just days later: “Yes. Time’s up, DOJ. I know that Merrick Garland, who has devoted his life to the rule of law, will do the right thing. But that requires him to indict now. Even waiting till the Dec. 6 runoff would be wrong, and there’s no excuse for delaying things by naming a special counsel.”

One year ago in February: “If AG Garland isn’t interested in how the Barr/Durham Crime spree has perverted justice and degraded DOJ, then the Department’s IG should follow the smelly trail and expose its putrid source.”

In June of last year: “Great journalism has shown Garland and Monaco well-intentioned but profoundly unwise in slow-walking the investigation into Trump and those around him. Their fear of looking political backfired badly. Whether the harm was irreparable remains to be seen.”

The following month: “The J6 House Committee is the reason AG Garland was finally forced to appoint Special Counsel Jack Smith. Without the great work of that Committee, Merrick Garland might’ve hemmed and hawed forever.”


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‘BS’: Top Dem Senator Goes on Offense Against Republicans



U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) is calling “BS” on Senate Republicans – and calling them out by name – over their continued failure to pass the Senate’s massive border and military funding for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan bill that he helped craft.

Sen. Murphy’s first target: top Trump MAGA surrogate Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), who told Fox News, “The left want an open, insecure border. The conservatives and common sense independents, we want a secure America. That means you have to control your back door.”

Murphy did not hold back.

“Bullshit,” the Connecticut Democrat wrote on social media Tuesday. “We reached a bipartisan compromise to give the President enormous new powers to control the border. Almost every single Republican – including Sen. Scott – voted against it because Trump told them to keep the border a mess because it might help him politically.”

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Senator Murphy’s second target was U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), who claimed, “The recent bill would have been worse than doing nothing by codifying [Biden’s] open border policies into law.”

“Bullshit,” Sen. Murphy again responded. “The bipartisan border bill that Sen. Johnson’s party asked for and then voted against because Trump said so would have


Next, the Connecticut Democrat called out U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn  (R-TN). writing, “also bullshit.”

Sen. Blackburn had claimed, “Even Secretary Mayorkas has said what’s happening at the southern border ‘certainly is a crisis.’ It’s past time the Biden administration put a stop to this madness. CLOSE the border.”

Sen. Murphy added, “Senator Blackburn knows the bill would have actually allowed the President to close parts of the border when crossings get too high. But who would book Republicans on cable news if the border was actually under control? That’s why they killed it.”

Watch the videos above or at this link.

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Alito Fears ‘Bigot’ Label for Americans With ‘Traditional Religious Views’ of LGBTQ People



U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito is expressing concern that Americans who hold what he calls “traditional religious views” on homosexuality and refuse to hide them are being labeled as “bigots.” The Bush-appointed 73-year old jurist with a history of anti-LGBTQ opinions has been called the Court’s “staunchest opponent of LGBTQ rights.”

As The New Republic reports, “Alito is complaining that people who oppose homosexuality were being unfairly branded as bigots, despite that being a dictionary definition of bigotry.”

On Tuesday, agreeing the Court should not take a case, Alito wrote he is “concerned” that a lower court’s reasoning “may spread.”

He notes that the lower court “reasoned that a person who still holds traditional religious views on questions of sexual morality is presumptively unfit to serve on a jury in a case involving a party who is a lesbian.”

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In that case, several jurors who acknowledged they held anti-LGBTQ views were released from serving on the trial.

“That holding exemplifies the danger that I anticipated in Obergefell v. Hodges … namely, that Americans who do not hide their adherence to traditional religious beliefs about homosexual conduct will be ‘labeled as bigots and treated as such’ by the government.'”

Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern writes, “Alito suggests that a trial court violates the free exercise and equal protection clauses when it allows an attorney who represents a gay client to strike potential jurors because they express overt bigotry against gay people.”

Veteran journalist John Harwood observes, “Justice Alito, even if he somehow gets Obergefell overturned, will be aggrieved forever more.”

He adds, “there will never be another time when his views about homosexuality will not be treated as bigotry by most people in our society.”

Attorney Max Kennerly posits, “If we followed Alito’s reasoning that religious beliefs can never serve as a basis to strike a juror, we’d instantly run into a collision with jurors who believe, on religious grounds, the death penalty is wrong. Any guesses how Alito would rule on that? Yeah, exactly.”

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White House Warns Americans in Russia as Biden Prepares Navalny Sanctions



Correction: An earlier version of this report did not indicate the date of some of Kirby’s comments at the bottom were from last year.

White House National Security spokesperson John Kirby is reportedly telling Americans in Russia to leave, as the Biden administration prepares to unveil strong sanctions in response to the death of Russian political prisoner Alexei Navalny. Kirby also pressed House Republicans to pass critical foreign aid legislation to help Ukraine in its fight against Russia. His reinforcement of the existing Level 4 “Do Not Travel” Advisory also comes after last Friday’s revelation that Russia may be preparing nuclear weapons for space.

“At President Biden’s direction, we will be announcing a major sanctions package on Friday of this week to hold Russia accountable for what happened to Mr Navalny,” Kirby told reporters Tuesday, AFP reports. “Whatever story the Russian government decides to tell the world, it’s clear President Putin and his government are responsible for Mr Navalny’s death.”

“If the Ukrainians aren’t better supplied,” Kirby also said, “if they don’t get a relief from the shortage of ammunition that they are suffering right now, this move on Avdiivka could actually have a larger effect on the fighting in the east and the amount of territory that the Russians might be able to get over time.”

Veteran foreign policy journalist Laura Rozen reports Kirby also said (not direct quotes): “One of the most powerful things that we can do right now to stand up to Vladimir Putin, of course, is to pass the bipartisan national security supplemental bill and support Ukraine as they continue to fight bravely in defense of their country.”

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She also reports Kirby said, “Ukrainian troops were forced to withdraw from the city of Avdiivka …on Saturday…because they practically ran out of supplies, including artillery ammunition.”

And: “I believe that the President’s comments and willingness to have another conversation reflect a sense of urgency that we all we all believe we’re in and frankly, we believe Congress should believe, instead of being on vacation.”

NewsNation Washington Correspondent Kellie Meyer reports on the White House’s “WARNING TO AMERICANS IN RUSSIA,” which she says included this phrase: “You outta leave right now.”

Meyer also reports Kirby said, “I want to reiterate our very strong warnings about the danger to US citizens in Russia.”

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NBC News‘ Peter Alexander reports President Joe Biden will be speaking with foreign leaders of the G7 on Saturday.

Kirby made similar remarks to CNN last year in March, saying, “this is not the time for Americans to be in Russia. If you’re in Russia now, whether it’s on business or leisure, whatever kind of travel, you need to leave now. This is not a good place for you to be in Russia. Even if you are a working journalist, Russia is a is a hostile environment for American citizens right now. It’s time to go if you’re there.”



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