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‘I Barely Knew Him’: Trump Totally Disavows His Former Communications Director Now That He’s Turned Against Him



President Donald Trump promised Americans he knew and would hire only the best people – after a rigorous selection process – to fill his administration. That quickly turned out to be false.  Not only has he hired scores of unqualified people for key roles, he has had the highest turnover of any president in history, and has left hundreds of critical positions unfilled. Trump also blames all his failures on his staff, or other outside forces – every one else but Trump is to blame.

When hiring new members to his team, he portrays them as the greatest, someone who will help fix everything.

Once someone leaves or is fired, he quickly disavows them – especially if they turn against him.

Remember George Papadopoulos, the man who was a foreign policy advisor to the Trump campaign, the man whose actions in part drove the FBI to initiate an investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia? Team Trump quickly dismissed him as someone the president had never met (false) and who was basically a “coffee boy,” as reports showed.

Now Trump is disparaging Anthony Scaramucci, an investment banker who has praised and defended Trump for years, until even he could no longer do so. Trump hired Scaramucci as his Communications Director. After an expletive-filled conversation with a reporter, then White House chief-of-staff John Kelly fired him less than two weeks later.

Scaramucciremained loyal to the president, but has recently trashed Trump as “crazy” and “narcissistic,” and called on the left to help deprogram Republicans from the “cult” of Trump.

Rather than ignore it, Trump on launched an attack on his former friend.

Monday morning Trump called Scaramucci “highly unstable,” “a mental wreck,” and a “nut job.”

“I barely knew him,” Trump said, which is false but were it to be true would once again prove how Trump lied about knowing and hiring “the best people.”

Scaramucci, Trump tweeted, “wheedled his way into my campaign.”

He also claims Scaramucci “abused” staff members, which would be news if true.

Trump then says Scaramucci “got fired,” as if Trump isn’t the President and head of the Executive Branch.

Just one more “coffee boy” at the upper echelons of Team Trump.

UPDATE: 9:21 AM ET –
The tweets have just been deleted and reposted, presumably to effectively “erase” the negative responses, a tactic the Trump administration has been using recently. Here are the replacement tweets:


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Fox & Friends: Trump Lying About Coronavirus Pandemic Is Like FDR Wanting to ‘Calm America’ With Fireside Chats



Fox News spent a good portion of its morning programming spinning the bombshell audio clips recorded by Watergate reporter Bob Woodward of President Donald Trump admitting he knew just how dangerous and deadly the coronavirus is, knew as far back as January, yet lied to the American people and continues to do so today.

About 1.7 million “Fox & Friends” viewers were told that President Trump is just like President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, wanting to “calm America” with his famous fireside chats – because at one point during his 18 interviews with Woodward Trump claimed he was lying to America because he did not want to “panic” people.

Wanting to have Americans “stay calm,” Fox & Friends said, was the same message President Barack Obama gave Americans on the virus also.

There is a difference between urging calm and lying with deadly results. And Trump, on tape, admits he “wanted to always play it down.”

“I still like playing it down, because I don’t want to create a panic,” Trump told Woodward.

“The President said he did not want to freak people out he wanted to keep people calm during this time of great national uncertainty,” Fox News’ Steve Doocy told viewers the morning after clips of Trump lying were published.

“Think about it. During the Depression, it was FDR who had his fireside chats to calm America. You look at something that President Obama tweeted out on March 4. And he had the same message as President Trump about, calm down.”

But President Trump did not try to calm Americans when he fear-mongered about the “caravan” of migrants in 2018. Nor did he try to calm Americans when he fear-mongered about Mexicans coming to rape Americans when he kicked off his presidential campaign in 2015. Nor did he try to calm Americans when he fear-mongered about Antifa. About MS-13. About violence in Democratic-run cities. About defunding the police. About Black people coming to harm white “suburban mothers.”

Trump’s entire campaign is about instilling fear.

Watch “Fox & Friends”:

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‘No Credibility’: ‘Professional Liar’ Sarah Sanders Shredded for Defending Trump Over Comments Disparaging Military



Many Americans pushing back against former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her ardent defense of President Donald Trump amid multiple news reports he has disparaged America’s military service members, veterans, and war dead, calling them “losers” and “suckers.”

“Donald Trump has the greatest respect for the men and women of our armed forces,” Huckabee Sanders, who is planning a run for governor in Arkansas, says in a recorded video. “I’ve traveled all over the world with the President and watched him interact with men and women of our military. I’ve seen him fight to make sure they have the resources they need.”

“That story couldn’t be further from the truth,” she says, referring to the bombshell in The Atlantic, which was confirmed by multiple news outlets, including NBC News, The Washington Post, CNN, the Associated Press, and even Fox News.

In response to Huckabee Sanders defending Trump, many reminded her of her horrific performance as White House press secretary, when she lied regularly for Trump. Others noted in her new memoir she calls a colleague a “foulmouthed Jew.” And others point to her documented lie to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Take a look:


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New White House Press Secretary Holds First Press Conference, Promises to Never Lie to Reporters, Lies to Reporters



It didn’t take long.

In January of 2017 Sean Spicer kicked off his tenure at the White House press briefing room podium by lying to reporters during his very first press conference.

Reporters in the White House press corps asked his replacement, Sarah Huckabee Sanders if she would ever lie to them. She promised she would not. She did.

Now reporters have asked President Donald Trump’s fourth press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, if she would ever lie to them.

“I will never lie to you. You have my word on that,” McEnany told reporters.

It took barely minutes for her to break that promise.

McEnany lied that the allegations against now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh were “verifiably false.” She lied about what an FBI agent wrote in his notes before questioning former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, now a convicted felon who lied to the FBI. She lied that President Trump “has always told the truth.” And while it might not qualify as a lie, in very carefully-worded remarks she used unnamed “experts” who she says told her President Trump is data-driven and always sides with data.

Lastly, her final claim was the Russia probe resulted in “the complete and total exoneration of President Trump,” which is a lie.


Here’s massive spin: Trump repeatedly freely admits he doesn’t care about data, and that he trusts his gut. Using “experts” who claim – falsely – he is data-driven is craven.

Then there’s this:

And finally, this:



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