Trump Mocked for Saying NASA Should Not Be Going to the Moon – After Just Bragging He Told NASA to Go to the Moon

Americans may be experiencing a severe case of social media whiplash after President Donald Trump's tweets about the moon.

Just three weeks ago Trump bragged he had directed NASA to put the first woman on the moon, and to do so in four years. He even promised the space agency a huge budget to get the job done.

"NASA is planning on sending the first woman ever and the first man in nearly five decades to the moon by 2024, thanks to an additional increase to the agency's budget by President Trump," CNN reported just two weeks later.

Going back to the moon has been a Trump priority for years. Here's the President in late 2017, on going to the moon:

Fast forward to today.

Trump blasts NASA for even talking about going to the moon – which, he has decided, is a part of Mars.

That was just too much for most people to handle.

Here's how some are responding (and yes, there's a lot of sarcasm in some of these!):


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