WATCH: Congressman Who Blocked $19 Billion Disaster Aid Bill Is Warned ‘Kids Are Dying’ – He Says ‘Fine’

U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, the lone Congressman who last week blocked a 5-month overdue disaster aid relief bill says it's "fine" that migrant children are dying at the border. In the past year six children have died while in the care of the federal government.

Rattling off a list of issues the funding bill covers, Roy insisted he wanted to "have a debate" in the House on all of them.

CNN's Chris Cuomo explained that would take too much time.

"Deal with the kids right now Chip," Cuomo pleaded.

"No!" Rep. Roy interrupted.

"You know they're dying," Cuomo reminded the Texas Republican lawmaker.

"Fine!" Rep. Roy replied.

Roy is a veteran GOP operative and has worked for Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas governor Rick Perry and Texas attorney general Ken Paxton, and then-Texas attorney general, now Senator John Cornyn.

Earlier this month Rep. Roy made headlines for screaming about Americans who are criticizing drug manufacturers' extreme profits and price gouging. Some Americans are literally dying because they cannot afford the price of even basic prescriptions, like insulin.


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