Comey Brings Hammer Down on Trump: Trying to Get Mueller Fired is a ‘Flaming Example’ of ‘Corrupt Intent’

Former FBI Director Jim Comey says President Donald Trump had "corrupt intent" when he ordered then-White House Counsel Don McGahn to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The former FBI Director, who himself was fired by President Donald Trump two years ago to the day, was reserved but exacting in his answering a question from CNN's Anderson Cooper Thursday evening.

“Do you think [Trump] had criminal intent, based on with a you have seen now in the Mueller report?”

"It sure looks like he did, in connection with a couple of episodes," Comey responded.

"The direction to Don McGahn to get the Special Counsel fired is, to my mind, a flaming example," Comey said.

Cooper interjected: "Of corrupt intent."

"Yes, of corrupt intent," Comey agreed.

"And I know even the Attorney General has said, 'Well, what the President meant was, he wanted Don McGahn to convey his concerns.' Well, really? Don McGahn went and called his lawyer, packed his office, and said he was going to quit. I don’t think that’s the reaction of the White House counsel when it’s about conveying concerns.”

Comey again confirmed that it "sure looks that way," that Trump acted with corrupt intent.

The former FBI Director began the segment by taking a thinly-veiled swing at Attorney General Bill Barr. Comey told the audience that "the President is not above the law, and I don't accept the notion that because he's the head of the3 executive branch, he can't ever obstruct justice, in connection with an executive branch activity."

Barr has made clear he believes that as head of the executive branch any President cannot be considered to have obstructed justice.

Comey called the idea that a President can't obstruct justice, "crazy and a recipe for lawlessness."

The concept of "corrupt intent" is important because it means an individual acted knowing their actions were illegal.



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