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‘This Is What Losing Looks Like’: Trump Is Squandering the Support of His Party Where He Needs It the Most



President Donald Trump earned a brutal rebuke by a substantial portion of his own party as the Senate voted 59-41 on a resolution opposing his emergency declaration that reallocates funds from the military to build a barrier on the U.S.-Mexico border.

A total of 12 Republicans out of the 53 in the Senate voted in favor of the resolution that would block the declaration. Trump is expected to veto the resolution, which both chambers of Congress would need a two-thirds majority to overturn.

The willingness of such a large number of Republicans to rebuke Trump on one of his central issues showed that the president’s control over his party is notably weak. On the other hand, the fact that the overwhelming majority of GOP Senators will accede to an effort that, had President Barack Obama done it, would surely have sparked calls for impeachment, shows that the party’s claims to be driven by ideology rather than the rank pursuit of power is largely hollow.

But given Trump’s substantial support among the GOP electorate despite his vulnerability on many fronts and ever-multiplying scandals, a solid bloc of Senators from his own party who are willing to break with him on this issue should be a worrying signal for the White House. With the House of Representatives firmly in Democratic control, Trump needs to be able to count on unwavering support from the Senate for protection against continuing investigations and even the threat of impeachment. Of course, there’s no sign yet that a single Republican Senator would be willing to vote to remove him from office at this point — but these are the cracks in his support Trump should fear if more damning revelations are coming down the pike.

And conservative writer Jennifer Rubin noted in the Washington Post Thursday that this isn’t the first sign that Trump’s support in the Senate is unsteady and far from unquestioning. As recently as Wednesday, some Republicans joined with Democrats to oppose the administration’s continuing support for Saudi Arabia in its war on Yemen.

She explained:

Trump has only himself to blame for this turn of events. His Middle East policy is adrift, his subservience to the Russians makes him look increasingly like a second-rate player. He treats the Saudis with kid gloves, which also diminishes his influence.

Had the administration not insulted our intelligence and savaged our values by supporting Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s denial that he was involved in the gruesome murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the Senate may not have revolted. The Senate previously rebuked the administration after it infuriated lawmakers with disingenuous briefings about the murder. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo convinced no one and in the process lost any credibility on the topic of Saudi relations.

These are clear indications, she argued, that his political power is running out.

“Given how lackluster Trump’s agenda is and how inept his diplomacy is, he may well have no remarkable achievements other than confirmation of judges for the remainder of his term,” she concluded. “He’ll be spending most of his time in a defensive crouch screaming via tweet that he is a victim, trying to simultaneously maintain the pretense that he is winning. No, this is what losing looks like.”





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Kellyanne Conway Serves up Some Alternative Facts About Herschel Walker’s Failed Election Bid



Kellyanne Conway, a political strategist who also served as White House advisor to former President Donald Trump, recently delivered critical remarks leveled at Republican senators.

According to Conway, Republican lawmakers did not stand behind Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker in the days leading up to the state’s highly publicized election runoff.

Walker, who was endorsed by Trump, lost the election by less than 100,000 votes.

On Wednesday, December 7, Conway appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” where she voiced her concerns about the election.

According to Mediaite, Conway also “railed against Walker’s fellow Republicans for abandoning him.”

“To the 49 Republican senators, where were most of you?” Conway asked while appealing to other Republican lawmakers to support members of the party. “Why weren’t you in Georgia?”

Conway continued:

“They all should have been because they should’ve been there in some form, town hall, in person, saying the following: ‘I serve in the United States with Raphael Warnock. He’s a terrible senator. He doesn’t represent Georgia. He’s not fit to serve. He votes with Joe Biden. He voted for the Inflation Reduction Act that doesn’t do that. He said nothing when they pulled out of Afghanistan. He said nothing that Joe Biden has been to Delaware 174 days and down to the border zero days.’ That’s what needs to happen. Where were the other senators to say, ‘I want Herschel Walker, not Raphael Warnock in the Senate with me?'”

Conway’s remarks come shortly after another prominent conservative went on a rant about Walker; however, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-Ga.) perspective is starkly different from Conway’s.

Speaking to far-right influencer Steve Bannon, Greene said that Walker’s campaign rarely reached out for assistance; something she describes as “insulting.” During the interview, Greene insisted, ″They only asked me a couple of times in my own district, which I find extremely insulting.”


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FBI Investigating Five Power Substations Attacked in Pacific Northwest in Strikes Similar to North Carolina



The FBI is investigating at least five attacks on electricity substations in the Pacific northwest similar to one that caused widespread power outages in North Carolina.

Representatives from Puget Sound Energy, the Cowlitz County Public Utility District and Bonneville Power Administration confirmed the attacks took place in November, although the FBI declined to confirm the investigations and it’s not clear whether any of the damage resulted in service disruptions, reported the Seattle Times.

“BPA is actively cooperating with the FBI on this incident and has encouraged other utilities throughout the region to increase their vigilance and report any suspicious or similar activity to law enforcement,” said Douglas Johnson, a spokesman for BPA.

Johnson declined to give details about the equipment that was damaged, but he said a “deliberate physical attack” at a Clackamas, Oregon, substation damaged a fence and equipment over the Thanksgiving holiday.

A spokesman said two Puget Sound Energy substations were damaged last month but declined to provide details, and a spokeswoman said two Cowlitz County Public Utility District substations in Woodland, Washington, were damaged by vandals in mid-November but have since been repaired.

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‘Getting Our Clocks Cleaned’: Former Adviser Admits Trump’s Candidates All Got ‘Slaughtered’



The morning after another one of Donald Trump’s high-profile hand-picked candidates lost — this time in a Georgia run-off for a U.S. Senate seat — a former adviser to the ex-president admitted the Republican Party can’t handle any more losses by following Trump’s lead because they are getting “slaughtered.”

Sitting in on a “CNN This Morning” panel, GOP campaign adviser David Urban also said Trump and the Republican party’s aversion to mail-in voting is a primary reason “we’re getting our clocks cleaned.”

Speaking with hosts Poppy Harlow and Don Lemon, Urban explained, “It was the president of the United States saying don’t vote by mail, you can’t trust it. Now Republicans are getting their clocks cleaned in early voting, right? We are getting destroyed by mail-in and early voting.”

“Listen, as you guys know, when you vote by mail you can see the votes come in, if you vote incorrectly you can cure it, you can see who didn’t turn out,” he elaborated. “Democrats have built an incredible machine that can do this, who’s come out, didn’t come out. Republicans wait until election day to vote, so the former president got that completely wrong and we need to really focus on this.”

Continuing in that vein he added, “John Avlon, the hour before this said as long as trump wraps up about 35% of the party, you can’t look across that board and say we did well. Trump can’t wake up this morning and say I did okay — he lost everywhere; my home state in Pennsylvania, we got drubbed. So candidates matter, and candidate quality matters.”

“America sorry you’re waking up to this, but Donald Trump is still the dominant force in the Republican Party, this morning, tomorrow morning, and he’s most likely the nominee and stands as a fact to be the next president again,” he added. “Donald Trump stands a very good chance of being president of the United States despite the Walker loss, the senate candidates going down because they’re the ride-or-die Trumpers with him until the end.”

Watch below or at this link.

Image via Shutterstock

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