‘The Attorney General Wants to Get This Out Tonight’ Fox News Reports – Citing a Trump Administration Official

A just-published Fox News article reveals at least one Trump administration official is discussing the Mueller report with Attorney General William Barr.

Citing "an administration official," Fox News reports today just before noon that "Attorney General William Barr is pushing to reveal the principal conclusions of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report as early as Saturday night."

“The Attorney General wants to get this out tonight," the official told Fox News. “It will hit what is on everyone’s minds — no parsing of words, no games."

Given that President Trump is either a subject or a target of the investigation, it's concerning that the Trump administration is being informed of any moves or decisions regarding the Mueller report, including its release or when Barr will share information with Congress, and what that might look like.

Fox News also reveals a separate source, not identified as an administration official, "told Fox News that Barr is likely to report on Mueller's primary conclusions between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. ET."

On Friday evening NBC News revealed that Barr's chief of staff had contacted the president's attorney upon receiving the Mueller report – before the legally-mandated individuals in Congress, specifically the top four House and Senate Judiciary Committee officials, received Barr's letter.


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