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Watch: Lawmaker Attacks Gay People as ‘Tyrants’ and ‘Oppressors’ Who Are ‘Suppressing Freedom’



“I have tried to witness and preach the love of Christ to people that are homosexuals,” says Porterfield, who is also a Baptist minister

West Virginia Republican state lawmaker Eric Porterfield is responding to outrage over comments he made calling the LGBTQ community a a “terrorist group” and likening them to the KKK, and he’s not backing down.

In a nearly 20-minute interview with WVVA (partial clip below), Delegate Porterfield doubled-down on his attacks, calling LGBTQ people “bullies,” “tyrants,” and “oppressors.”

“They’re a political socialist group that really uses means like economic extortion about people’s sexual orientation,” Porterfield told WVVA’s Rachel Anderson. “And when people disagree with them, instead of respectfully letting people respectfully disagree, they persecute, attack.”

“It probably will not be long before they’re burning rainbow flags in peoples’ yards because they have no care for diversity of thought, and their message is simply hate. They are proving it with all of the things that they have done and they are the modern-day version of the KKK,” Porterfield said again.

Del. Porterfield makes extravagant – and entirely unsubstantiated – accusations against LGBT people throughout the interview. For example, he does not explain what he’s referring to when he says “all of the things that they have done.”

“The LGBTQ is not seeking freedom,” Porterfield continues. “The LGBTQ is suppressing the freedom of people that disagree with them and forcing their ideology – and if they do not get their way they cause chaos, apply pressure, intimidate, internet stalk.”

Again, he offers no proof, no examples.

“I’ve never been a ‘gay-basher,’ I’ve never done anything physically-harmful to gays, in any way, shape, or form,” says Porterfield, who is also the founder of Blind Faith Ministries.

“I have tried to witness and preach the love of Christ to people that are homosexuals, to people that are different than me of all stripes, on three different continents. But these people, as you have seen if you would look on my Facebook – hourly – are just relentlessly trying to oppress and attack freedom and democracy against people who are not like them.”

Porterfield ran for office and won the first time, in November 2018.

“I’m wearing my MAGA hat today, even though I’m very much in fear of the terroristic activities that they engage in. I want to have courage and humility but still get my message across.”

Porterfield did not offer any explanation to prove his charge of terroristic activities.

“They’re the most evil-spreading and hate-filled group in this country,” Porterfield says of gay people. “They’re the closest thing to political terrorism in America. No question about it.”

“If they do not get their way, they attack people, they attack their businesses, they make it hard on people – I’m a little wise to their tricks.”

“They can extort people economically, they can prey on people because of maybe things that have happened in the past.”

Porterfield might want to re-examine his claims that gay people “attack businesses,” “intimidate, internet stalk,” and use “means like economic extortion.”

One of the reasons Porterfield ran for office was after he reportedly threatened an economic boycott of a pro-choice medical doctor, the doctor obtained a protective service order against him. The Gazette-Mail notes “sheriff’s deputies then confiscated guns owned by Porterfield and his wife, Jessica.”

Another reason: he opposed a bill that would have banned conversion therapy, a practice that has been found to be dangerous, harmful, and can lead to suicide.

“They’re just a blight on this country, and a blight in our communities, as a socialist organization. And that is not an anti-gay sentiment, it’s an anti-LGBTQ sentiment. I want to make sure that those two things are clear,” Porterfield says.

In that same interview Porterfield appeared to suggest he would let his children drown if they told him they were gay.

“Well, I would dress my daughter first, as I would take her for a pedicure, I’d take her to get her nails done, and see if she could swim,” Porterfield, who was elected to the West Virginia House in November, said as he smiled.

“If it was my son, I would probably take him hunting, I would take him fishing, then I’d see if he could swim,” Porterfield, wearing a MAGA hat, replied without hesitation.

Watch this short clip from the full video of Del. Porterfield’s remarks:

Image via Facebook

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GOP Candidate Complaining She Wasn’t Allowed to ‘Have Kids Laugh At’ Transgender Students in Viral Video Draws Rebuke



A Republican candidate for the Texas House of Representatives while promoting “school choice” cited her time as a school teacher, saying transgender students made her uncomfortable. At a candidate forum, Shelley Luther told the audience she was upset that she was not allowed to let other students laugh at their transgender peers.

“I am not comfortable with the transgenders,” Luther said, NBC News reports.

“The kids that they brought in my classroom, when they said that this kid is transgendering into a different sex, that I couldn’t have kids laugh at them,” she said,” pausing for several seconds, apparently realizing what she had just said.

After the long pause, she added, “…like other kids got in trouble for having transgender kids in my class. That’s why I vote for school choice.”

Equality Texas CEO Ricardo Martinez told NBC News, “Lamenting not being able to allow students to laugh at, bully and harass transgender kids isn’t leadership, it’s cruelty plain and simple.”

The online anger over Luther’s remarks is palpable.

This is not Luther’s first brush with attacking minority students.

Last month Luther declared “Chinese” students should not be allowed to enroll in Texas colleges.

In her tweet, now deleted, she labeled them “Communists.”

“Chinese students should be BANNED from attending all Texas universities,” Luther had tweeted, as the Houston Chronicle reported. “No more Communists!”

The video of Luther talking about transgender students went viral, garnering over 700,000 views since Tuesday.



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‘Frankenstein’s Clone of Marjorie Taylor Greene’: NJ GOP Nominee for Governor Slammed for Anti-LGBTQ Attack



Jack Ciattarelli, the Republican Party’s nominee for governor of New Jersey had some things to say about LGBTQ people and the teaching of sex-ed in schools. Responses to his remarks were passionate and pointed.

Ciattarelli, apparently campaigning at a store inside a gun range last month, promised supporters that when he’s governor “sodomy” will no longer be taught to 6th graders, as Gothamist, which obtained video of his remarks, reports. Sodomy is not being taught to 6th graders.

The GOP nominee also promised that  “sexual orientation” will no longer be taught to kindergarteners, a vow that appears will be somewhat easy to keep, as it is not currently being taught to kindergarteners.

“I feel lucky [our kids] are in their 20s and I don’t have to be dealing with what you’re dealing with right now,” Ciattarelli, a former state lawmaker said June 24. “You won’t have to deal with it when I’m governor, but we’re not teaching gender ID and sexual orientation to kindergarteners. We’re not teaching sodomy in sixth grade. And we’re going to roll back the LGBTQ curriculum. It goes too far.”

The executive director of Garden State Equality, Christian Fuscarino, slammed “Ciattarelli’s use of the word ‘sodomy’,” Gothamist adds. Fuscarino said it “sounded as if he was ‘speaking in code or virtue-signaling to a very specific group of people.'”

“Fuscarino added: ‘He goes on to say more bluntly that he wants to roll back some of the progress the LGTBQ community has made. We’ve seen enough of that at the federal level the last four years with the Trump administration.'”

That was not Ciattarelli’s only attack on LGBTQ people.

Ciattarelli complained about a sign he had seen recently at the bank that advertised “a new LGBTQ bank card.” He said: “I’m sitting there saying, ‘The more we cater to each special interest, the more you remind us about how different we all are from each other.’ Right?” reports on reaction to Ciattarelli’s remarks.

“Steven Goldstein, the founder of Garden State Equality who led the successful campaign for same-sex marriage in New Jersey, said Ciattarelli is ‘the most dangerous’ candidate for governor in his lifetime and equated him to Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia congresswoman who has promoted conspiracy theories.”

“Jack is now Frankenstein’s clone of Marjorie Taylor Greene for New Jersey,” Goldstein said in a statement. “He is a fringe crackpot who operates in a galaxy far, far away from bipartisan human decency.” 

“The Democratic State Committee labeled Ciattarelli a ‘bigot’ whose ‘willingness to diminish and demonize the LGBTQ community is exactly why this curriculum is so important.'”

Here is video via Gothamist:


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Trump-Loving GOP Senate Candidate Who Compares LGBTQ People to Rapists Forced to Quarantine – Again



One-term former U.S. Congressman Jason Lewis (R-MN), who lost his House seat to a Democrat in 2018, has been forced into quarantine again after being exposed to a person with COVID-19. Lewis, apparently not observing the CDC’s 14-day guidelines, had just returned to the campaign trail after riding on Air Force One with President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

A former radio host, Lewis made national headlines for comparing LGBTQ people to rapists and warning they might harm children, expressing upset that “religious freedom” laws don’t go far enough to in allowing discrimination against LGB TQ people, mocking women traumatized by unwanted touching, and being sad “you can’t call” a woman a “slut” anymore.

In a statement the Lewis campaign said the person he came in contact with had tested positive on Wednesday, the Associated Press reports.

The campaign would not disclose that person’s identity.

RealClearPolitics shows current Democratic U.S. Senator Tina Smith beating Lewis by an average of 8.5 points.

Image via Facebook

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