Sanders’ Terrorist Claims Shut Down: ‘No Terrorists’ Caught Crossing Border by Land

Sarah Huckabee-Saunders
Host Chris Wallace shut down Sarah Huckabee-Sanders over White House claims that 4,000 terrorists have come across our southern border.

The comments came during a discussion over the government shutdown and the governments insistence for a southern border wall. 

Sanders claimed that the wall was only part of a larger strategy of border security, and that we are facing a "national crisis" over issues at the southern border with Mexico.

"We have drugs, we have terrorists, and have human traffickers who come across our border, and there has to be a stop to that," said Sanders.

Wallace, in refuting this, notes that the Department of Homeland Security has clarified that there is, "No credible evidence of any terrorist coming across the border from Mexico. 

In clarifying her earlier statement, Sanders said that, "roughly 4,000 known or suspected terrorists come into our country illegally and we know that our most vulnerable point of entry is at our southern border."

Wallace interjected, saying "I know this statistic. I didn't know you were going to use it, but I studied up on this. Do you know where those 4,000 people, where they are captured? Airports!"

Sanders disagreed, saying that terrorists are "not always" coming through the airports.

"The State Department says there hasn't been any terrorists that they've found coming across the southern border," noted Wallace

"It's by air, it's by land and it's by sea," retorted Sanders, "but the one thing that you're forgetting is the most vulnerable point of entry that we have into this country is the southern border." 

"But they're not coming across the southern border, Sarah!" repeated, Wallace. "They're coming, and they're being stopped at airports."

View the entire exchange, below.

Image via screen capture from video source.

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