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These Are Some of the Best Tweets About the Alleged Jacob Wohl Attempted Mueller Smear Scandal



So… If you weren’t on the Internet today you might have missed this, although by the looks of things Jacob Wohl will be a household name by the end of the day.

Here’s the short version of a ridiculous story.

A GOP operative reportedly tried to get women to sign a sworn statement saying Special Counsel Robert Mueller, when he was the Director of the FBI, sexually assaulted them. In exchange for committing perjury they would be paid $20,000.

That’s not even the craziest part.

Far right wing website The Gateway Pundit (Google “stupidest man on the Internet”) published documents claiming that in 2010 Mueller sexually assaulted a woman.

“The firm that produced this ‘investigation’ was quickly revealed to be SureFire Intelligence, which has a tiny digital footprint prior to the Mueller allegations,” Aric Toler at Bellingcat writes.

“Jacob Wohl, a 20-year-old conservative activist who is most well known for his reports from ‘hipster coffee shops in downtown LA’ about how Trump is secretly popular among young liberals, tweeted about the allegations against Mueller a day before they surfaced on Gateway Pundit, which he also writes for.”

Bellingcat links Wohl’s email address to the Surefire domain registration.

Most or all of Surefire’s employees apparently are fake, as are their photos.

“Their ‘Tel Aviv Station Chief’ uses a photograph of Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli,” Belligncat reveals. “The ‘Deputy Director of Operations’ at SureFire is also fake, unless he moonlights as a minister from Michigan.”

NBC News, meanwhile, calls Wohl, “a disgraced hedge fund manager turned pro-Trump conspiracy theorist,” and adds – get this – that “calls to a number listed on the Surefire Intelligence website went to a voicemail message which provided another phone number, listed in public records as belonging to Wohl’s mother.”

So, it appears that someone was trying to frame Mueller to derail the Russia probe.

It clearly didn’t work.

The conspiracy to frame Mueller has been sent to the FBI which is now investigating.

It’s such a huge story it’s trending all over Twitter. Wohl at number one, Mueller at number three and Surefire at number eight:

Here’s how the Internet responded: with mockery and laughter, mostly about Wohl. Take a look.


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Republicans Just Filibustered a Critical Voting Rights Bill. Here’s Why Everyone Is Blaming Joe Manchin.



Minutes ago Senate Republicans filibustered critical voting rights legislation – actually, filibustered debate on voting rights legislation. They refused to even allow debate on protecting the most important, most critical element of a democracy: the right and the ability to vote.

“If there is anything worthy of the Senate’s attention, if there’s any issue that merits debate on this floor, it is protecting our democracy from the forces that are trying to unravel it from the inside out,” Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said after Republicans blocked debate on the bill.

While Republicans absolutely should be and are being held accountable, many on social media are blaming Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) for the failure to pass the Freedom to Vote Act.


Back in May Sen. Manchin insisted he could get Republicans to come to the table, to act in good faith, to do the right thing when it counted.

He insisted the filibuster had to be protected at all costs, and he’s steadfastly refused to budge on eliminating it. Even as Republicans in state after state after state enact anti-democratic legislation designed to make it harder and harder for people, especially minorities, to vote.

In short, he failed.

Not a single Republican crossed the aisle – much less ten to get the necessary 60 votes – not even to allow debate on protecting voting rights.

And now many are blaming Manchin.

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‘Pig’ Donald Trump Slammed After Attacking Colin Powell for Being Treated ‘So Beautifully’ in Death



Donald Trump Tuesday morning attacked former U.S. Secretary of State and Joint Chiefs Chairman Colin Powell, 24 hours after his death from COVID complications, and complained in typical Trump sarcasm how it was “wonderful” to see Powell being “treated in death so beautifully by the Fake News Media.”

The former president added that he hopes “that happens to me someday.”

He’s now being highly criticized for his remarks.

In a statement the former president called General Powell a “classic RINO,” who was always the “first to attack other Republicans.” Powell endorsed former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over Trump in the 2016 presidential race, and former Vice President Joe Biden in 2020.

Trump also accused Powell, who served under Presidents Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, and Bush 43, of making “big mistakes on Iraq,” including his infamous statement before the United Nations about weapons of mass destruction, which Powell later acknowledged  was wrong.

After attacking Powell, Trump concluded, “He made plenty of mistakes, but anyway, may he rest in peace!”

Many are expressing outrage:


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Newsmax Blames ‘Angry CRT Activists’ for Outrage Over District Official Telling Teachers to Offer ‘Opposing’ Holocaust Views



Americans should not be outraged that a curriculum director of a Texas school district instructed teachers to offer “opposing” views if they have books in the classroom on the Holocaust, suggests Newsmax, the right wing outlet founded by longtime Trump friend Christopher Ruddy.

A Newsmax article published Friday blames “Angry CRT Activists” for what appears to be massive nationwide outrage, saying they are claiming a Texas school is pushing “Holocaust Denial.” The article does not actually mention any CRT “activists.”

It does, however, quote U.S. Senator Chris Murphy, saying he “pounced in a tweet Thursday night.”

This is the Connecticut Democratic Senator’s tweet:

Newsmax does note that the “narrative of pushing books denying the Holocaust was started by Gina Peddy, the Carroll school district’s executive director of curriculum and instruction, who was recorded on audio published by NBC News,” which is part of Senator Murphy’s tweet (above).

The Newsmax piece also mentions this tweet from U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:


Image of Auschwitz by Elsa Gortais via Flickr and a CC license

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