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Trump Says He Will Order FBI to Reopen Kavanaugh Background Check – That’s ‘Limited in Scope’



President Donald Trump has announced he will reverse weeks of refusals and order the FBI to conduct a “supplemental” background check on Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

But it’s how far the investigation will be allowed to go is what some are already concerned about. The White House has stated it will be “limited in scope,” and there’s a time limit: “less than one week.”

Earlier this afternoon top Republican Senate leaders met with several Senators who have threatened to vote against Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination unless the FBI was ordered to reopen the judge’ background check.

After the meeting, which presumably included Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Majority Whip John Cornyn, and Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, the Judiciary Committee issued a statement announcing agreement to requesting the FBI investigation.

Notable in the Judiciary Committee’s statement is this phrase: “credible allegations.”

Here’s President Trump insisting the FBI doesn’t do these types of investigations:






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Leaks Against Jerry Falwell Jr Suggest Liberty University Wants Him Out as President: Conservative Columnist



Jerry Falwell Jr. took over the evangelical Liberty University when his father died in 2007. Today, his myriad controversies—from his embrace of Donald Trump to the bizarre tale involving him, his wife and a pool boy—are threatening to spark a civil war at the institution.

Writing in the conservative publication The Bulwark, columnist Andrew Egger chronicles Falwell’s recent PR problems.

“Fallout from a legal dispute led to a series of bombshell reports about Falwell, which unearthed wacky details about, in the words of the New York Times, ‘the friendship between Mr. Falwell, his wife, and a former pool attendant at the Fontainbleau hotel in Miami Beach; the family’s investment in a gay-friendly youth hostel, and purported sexually revealing photographs involving the Falwells,’” Egger writes.

He points out that recent stories about Falwell Jr. in Politico and Reuters indicate Liberty insiders are leaking embarrassing information to reporters. The Reuter’s story contained nasty emails Falwell had written about students and faculty. In one, he called a student “emotionally imbalanced and physically retarded.” He also denigrated the police chief as a “half-wit.”

Eggers observes that whoever leaked the emails does not have a lot of faith in Falwell’s leadership. “Somebody, or some group of somebodies, wants Falwell out,” he notes. “The dispute is partly personal—Falwell certainly doesn’t come across as a guy who’s a good leader and manager in those emails—but also partly ideological.”

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He notes that Falwell’s tenure has not been entirely unsuccessful: he’s upped enrollment, possibly grooming future right-wing leaders. Yet, his vulgar demeanor—confirmed by the leaked emails—makes him an uneasy fit in the evangelical movement.

Egger observes that Falwell is very similar to Donald Trump in this way. “In other words, the argument for evangelicals supporting Falwell as president of Liberty bears a strong resemblance to the argument Falwell pioneered for evangelicals supporting Donald Trump as president of the United States,” he writes. “You don’t have to like everything he gets up to; in fact, plenty of it you’re probably better off not knowing about. But he’s the kind of guy, the argument runs, that you want in your corner when the chips are down.”

But that can easily backfire. “Because the trouble with having a guy like Falwell or Trump running your institution, is that there’s always a danger that the institutional brand is consumed by the individual’s personal brand.”

“A few years more of that, and what brand beyond Fallwellism will Liberty have to call its own?” he asks.


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Trump Signal Boosted Dangerous Tweet Falsely Claiming Democratic Congresswoman ‘Partied’ on 9/11 Anniversary



A dangerous and false tweet claiming Democratic U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar “partied on the anniversary of 9/11” has been deleted. President Donald Trump retweeted the lie, which includes a video of the Minnesota Congresswoman dancing at a Congressional Black Caucus event on Sept. 13. The original video had been posted by progressive activist Adam Green, but was co-opted and repurposed by a Trump supporter.

Here’s the original tweet from Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee:

Here’s a screenshot of the now-deleted, dangerous and false tweet from Trump loyalist and “comedian” Terrence Williams who has over 600,000 followers. It includes the video from Green’s tweet:

And here’s Trump’s retweet, which is still up:

Here’s how the tweet looked before the offending tweet was deleted by the Trump-supporting troll:

Trump has not removed his tweet, but he subsequently posted this tweet about Williams:

Williams last month reportedly suggested former President Bill Clinton was involved in the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein.

A CNN reporter cites Twitter saying Williams deleted the original tweet:

Some responses to Trump’s retweet:


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‘Giant Step Closer to Someone Finally Having Their Hands On’ Trump’s Taxes: Former Deputy Assistant AG



Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Harry Litman explained during an MSNBC appearance that the New York District Attorney has put America one step closer to finally seeing President Donald Trump’s taxes.

The DA’s office demanded eight years of Trump’s taxes from his accounting firm while Trump’s allies in his cabinet have defied subpoenas and refused to comply with the Constitution.

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace opened the segment saying, “we may be one step closer to seeing Donald Trump’s tax returns.”

Even conservative A.B. Stoddard said that it was unprecedented that an administration would consistently refuse to present subpoenaed information.

“Even now under the Manhattan D.A. they can do a lot of damage and they’ve laid a lot of groundwork for a lot of evidence,” Litman said. “Now [Michael] Cohen appears to be cooperating with them as well. So, this really does open a new front in the whole war about getting his tax records. Notice they would still be secret if the D.A. got them. But as opposed to the federal campaign where they’re trying to get them from the secretary of treasury who’s resisting, for no good reason, here it’s just going to be straight New York state, the same records and a private accounting firm that has said they will cooperate. This really does, as you say, make it a giant step closer to somebody having their hands on them.

Stoddard went on to say that she doubted the public would see the taxes, but the government and the Congress may finally have access. Wallace noted that Trump lied to the public and his own supporters when he claimed he would eventually turn over his taxes or he would make them public. During the 2016 election, Trump said he had to finish an audit before he would finish them. Once the audit was finished, Trump still refused to turn them over.

Watch the full panel discussion below:


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