Omarosa Secretly Recorded Trump: Report

Omarosa Manigault-Newman secretly recorded President Donald Trump, and there are tapes to prove it. The former "Apprentice" star, who is best known as "Omarosa," was the Trump White House's Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison, and left one year after being hired.

Omarosa is now promoting her new book about life in the Trump White House, "Unhinged."

"For months, it has been rumored that Manigault had clandestinely recorded on her smartphone 'tapes' of unspecified private discussions she had in the West Wing. Audio actually does exist, and even stars Manigault’s former boss," The Daily Beast reports.

In January it was reported that Omarosa was well-known throughout the Trump White House for secretly taping conversations and meetings with her cell phone.

Exactly what is on the recordings? Manigault hasn't said.

"One person confirmed to The Daily Beast they had heard at least one of her recordings featuring President Trump. Multiple sources familiar with the so-called 'Omarosa tapes' described the recorded conversations between Trump and Manigault as anodyne, everyday chatter, but said they did appear to feature Trump’s voice, either over the phone or in-person."

Manigault's publisher "promises the book will provide a candid and revealing look at her time inside the Trump administration. Part of the book documents what she describes as Trump’s 'mental decline.' The president, she claims, 'rambled. He spoke gibberish. He contradicted himself from one sentence to the next.'"

Omarosa, after leaving the White House, joined the cast of Celebrity Big Brother, and warned a fellow contestant about the future under President Trump.

"It's not going to be OK. It's not. It's so bad," she said.

She also says Vice President Mike Pence "thinks Jesus tells him to say things." Manigault, an ordained minister, added: "I'm like, 'Jesus isn't saying that.' It's scary."


Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr and a CC license

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