Manafort Jurors Not Sequestered – ‘Mingled Freely in the Courthouse’ as Trump Attempts to Sway Decision

Reporters are sounding the alarm that the jurors in the Paul Manafort case may be unduly influenced by President Trump's remarks, and by other events and interactions.

NBC News political reporter Benjy Sarlin tweeted the concerns of legal experts:

NBC News' intelligence and national security reporter Ken Dilanian responded, revealing the stunning news that jurors were not sequestered and have been mingling "freely in the courthouse elevators, cafeteria and hallways with reporters and spectators."

In fact, the jurors are home now for the weekend so they can try to avoid the news but it's nearly impossible to avoid President Trump, who offered these comments clearly intended to sway the jury today:

ABC News reporter Katherine Faulders notes Manafort's attorney is playing up Trump's comments:

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