Watch: Republicans Destroy Their Own Hearing – Threaten to Jail FBI Agent for Following FBI Rules


Democrats Astonished – Call to End Hearing

"One of the most outrageous displays I have ever seen from the Congress..which is saying something. This is the rule of law under siege in the United States. Red lights should be flashing and alarms sounding."

That's a tweet from political scientist David Rothkopf, after FBI agent Peter Strzok refused to answer a question from Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy, because he was directed to not do so by the FBI. The question relates to an ongoing investigation.

The hearing erupted into chaos, with Democrats insisting Strzok was required to follow the FBI's direction.

Republicans, including House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (photo, circled in red,) attacked Strzok and threatened repeatedly to find him in contempt, and jail him.



Thanks to ThinkProgress' Aaron Rupar for the videos

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