The White House Spelled ‘United States’ Wrong. It Went Uncorrected for Over Three Hours.

The Trump White House Friday morning touted the news that the gross domestic product (GDP), a chief economic indicator, came in strong at 4.1% growth. Supplementing a statement made by President Trump outside the West Wing an hour earlier, the White House Communications Team, under the new direction of former Fox News co-president Bill Shine, posted a graphic to Twitter.

In it, they spelled "United States" wrong. It reads, "United Sates."

It remained up for well over three hours.

Here's a screenshot:

Naturally, the mocking was extreme:

Others made clear that regardless of spelling, 4.1% growth is not as amazing as Trump would ike Americans to believe:

UPDATE: 3:32 PM ET –

It stayed up for nearly 4 hours. It was just deleted.

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