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‘Pay Tribute to This President’: Conservatives on Fox News Call Eagles ‘Narcissistic’ Celebrities With a ‘God Complex’



Conservative Fox News commentator Candace Owens on Wednesday blasted players on the Eagles NFL team and accused them of having a “god complex” because they declined an invitation to meet President Donald Trump at the White House.

During a panel discussion on Fox & Friends, Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, a pro-Trump super PAC, complained that “only in America” could football players win the Super Bowl and “not pay gratitude to our president.”

“Pay tribute to the greatest country in the history of the world, pay tribute to this president,” Kirk said.

Owens, who also works for Turning Point, argued that the players could not have a productive conversation with Trump because they are too “narcissistic.”

“What we’re really seeing is a window into the narcissistic, egotistical minds that is the celebrity brain,” Owens said of the Eagles players. “They actually think that they deserve more honor and more respect and more dignity than our veterans and our troops.”

“And they’re unwilling to work with this administration simply because they have a god complex,” she continued. “I think what President Trump did here is so great. It’s exactly what needed to happen; a separation between the church and the state, the celebrities and the White House, especially on the backs of Barack Obama, who is honoring these celebrities and making them feel that there were better than the American people.”

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade reminded Owens that NFL players are protesting systemic racism in law enforcement.

“I don’t take that problem to be one of the big problems that is facing the black community,” Owens replied, dismissing the players’ concerns. “The bigger problem is black on black crime. Until they’re willing to talk the deeper issues that are rooted in our communities, I will not take seriously this war on our police officers, who in fact save black lives.”

Watch the video below from Fox News.


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House Republicans Scorched for Walking Out Rather Than Vote on Bill to Help Millions of Women Veterans



House Republicans decided to walk out en masse Tuesday afternoon, rather than vote on a bill before the Veterans Committee that would haver helped two million women vets.

Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA), who is the chairman of the committee, posted video of his colleagues exiting the room:

“My Republican colleagues had a seat at the table every step of the way,” Chairman Takano said in a statement. “Instead of bringing forth meaningful, productive additions to legislation that will improve the lives of women veterans, they added toxic, partisan amendments – none of which worked to address how women veterans receive care.”

“By attempting to hijack a bipartisan bill backed by 14 Veteran Service Organizations- including 6 specifically advocating for women veterans, they have left these veterans behind.”

Republicans were attempting to attach poison pill amendments to the legislation. As The Military Times notes, one amendment focused on VA day care credentialing issues, another on veterans’ firearm possession rights.

This is just the latest attack by Republicans on the nation’s service members today. Tuesday morning many Republicans and those loyal to President Donald Trump attacked a Purple Heart recipient, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a current White House official who was on the president’s infamous July 25 call with the president of Ukraine.

Many on social media blasted the House Republicans for their actions:



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Scaramucci: America Must ‘Evolve’ on Presidents Paying Porn Stars – Like Obama Did on Gay Marriage



Former Trump communications director Anthony Scaramucci on Friday ineptly tried to defend the president’s handling of the Stormy Daniels affair by citing former President Barack Obama.

During an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Scaramucci said that American society needed to “evolve” on the issue of accepting politicians who cheat on their wives just as Obama once evolved to fully support same-sex marriage.

“We have a cultural movement now to where we accept marriage equality,” Scaramucci said. “We should have a cultural movement again where public officials should be left alone in their personal lives to do what they do.”

Cuomo seemed taken aback that Scaramucci would compare the struggle to legalize same-sex marriage with President Donald Trump giving a porn star hush money and then lying about it.

“Anthony, the Obama example about marriage equality, that has nothing to do with paying off a porn star to keep quiet about an alleged affair,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo then pointed out to Scaramucci that this sort of lying isn’t just a one-off instance, but part of a much broader pattern. He cited the Trump team blatantly lying in 2016 about Melania Trump’s speech being plagiarized from a Michelle Obama speech as an example, and he noted that the campaign only admitted the truth when completely cornered on it by the press.

“They lied about it, and credibility matters,” Cuomo said.

Watch the video below.

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‘Whitey Bulger’ Is Corey Lewandowski’s Defense When Confronted on Lie Blaming Jim Comey for Boston Bombing



Corey Lewandowski offered a curious defense when he was confronted for his false attack on former FBI Director Jim Comey. On Monday the president’s former campaign manager and current Trump BFF told Fox News viewers that Jim Comey failed to protect attendees of the Boston Marathon for the 2013 terror bombing. Tuesday afternoon he was challenged to defend the claim on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports.”

Andres Mitchell challenged Lewandowski Tuesday afternoon, reminding him that Comey “was not FBI Director for another five months” after the Boston bombing. In fact, he was a private citizen at the time.

“That’s right,” Lewandowski responded. “As you know Jim Comey served as the head of the Boston office of the FBI, I believe, for a period of time, at the same time that Mr. Mueller, I believe, served as the U.S. Attorney, in the State of Massachusetts.”

(NCRM has not been able to confirm this, and it appears to be false. Mueller was the U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts between 1986 and 1987. Comey was never the head of the Boston office of the FBI. He was in private practice until 1987.)

“This goes back some 20 years,” he admitted. “But Jim Comey was responsible, I believe, for the Whitey Bulger fiasco, which took place in Boston. I believe that Jim Comey, at the time, was the head of the FBI in Boston when Whitey Bulger –”

(This also appears to be incorrect.)

“Whitey Bulger had nothing to do with the Boston bombing,” Mitchell interjected.

“But if we’re looking at Jim Comey as a man who has positioned himself as  man who is above reproach, I think we have to start looking very directly at what he accomplished or didn’t accomplish as a FBI agent.”

Whitey Bulger is an 88-year old former mob boss who was sentenced in 2013 to two life terms plus five years for racketeering and involvement with 11 murders.

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