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Ralph Reed Says His Attacks on Bill Clinton Were About Policy – Internet Proves He’s Wrong



Conservative Christian and religious right leader Ralph Reed is saying today that his attacks on then-President Bill Clinton two decades ago were about policy not character. Reed is one of many for right Christian evangelicals who are being called to face their utter hypocrisy – Franklin Graham is another.

Reed was once the executive director of Pat Robertson‘s powerful Christian Coalition for nearly a decade.

On social media, Reed has been quietly making the case that evangelicals support Trump because of his policies – which may be true, but that’s not the whole story. What is the whole story is that for decades the religious right has been preaching so-called Christian values come first, and those who do not practice them cannot lead the nation. That certainly was their argument about Bill Clinton.

Here’s Reed last month:

In March on Facebook Reed claimed it’s “total nonsense” to say “that evangelicals are hypocrites for supporting the Trump-Pence administration and its pro-life, pro-family, pro-religious freedom, pro-Israel policies because we opposed Bill Clinton based on his personal behavior.”

He added a comment he says he made in 1996:

“Some opposition has been deeply personal, attacking his character rather than his policies, and in so doing it risks permanent damage to the office he occupies. I oppose President Clinton’s policies, but I do not despise him. If Bill Clinton is a sinner, he is no worse than you or me.”

But that’s not the whole story, despite how convenient it may be for Reed.

Reed tried to use that quote in a Twitter conversation on Friday. But Peter Montgomery, a senior fellow at People for the American Way reminded everyone of the real Ralph Reed from the Clinton era.

That quote, as Montgomery notes, is from a 1998 New York Times article, “The Testing of a President: The Conservatives – Christian Coalition Moans Lack of Anger at Clinton.”

Today, the same people who attacked President Clinton’s character are supporting, defending, and advocating for a President who has demonstrated far worse behavior.


Bottom line: the Christian Right, the religious right, and evangelicals have been caught – “bigly” – in their sheer and utter hypocrisy.

And now they’re trying to whitewash and re-write history to protect themselves and President Trump. That cannot be allowed.

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr and a CC license

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Read Whistleblower Complaint: Fired Doc Tried to Find Coronavirus Vaccine–Officials Ordered Focus on Trump Malaria Drug



Dr. Rick Bright’s 89-page whistleblower complaint reveals what could very well be the most damaging proof to date that corruption, malfeasance, and greed have permeated the entire federal government and tens of thousands of Americans have died as a result.

Dr. Bright, the nation’s vaccine chief, says that as far back as January he was working to find a vaccine for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, but top Trump administration officials instead ordered him to focus on how to use anti-malaria drugs President Trump was pushing, including chloroquine and hydroxychloroquin, as cure-alls for the deadly virus.

The official whistleblower complaint alleges that “despite Dr. Bright’s efforts to ensure that the U.S. government dedicated the appropriate resources and expert personnel to combat this deadly virus, HHS political leadership leveled baseless criticisms against him for his proactive efforts to invest early in vaccine development as well as in critical supplies such as masks, respirators, and swabs, which were in short supply and would be necessary to combat COVID-19.”

“Thereafter, HHS political leadership retaliated against Dr. Bright for his objections and resistance to funding potentially dangerous drugs promoted by those with political connections and by the Administration itself. Specifically, as detailed in the attached emails and other documentary evidence, Dr. Bright opposed the broad use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine as lacking scientific merit, even though the Administration promoted it as a panacea and demanded that New York and New Jersey be ‘flooded’ with these drugs, which were imported from factories in Pakistan and India that had not been inspected by the FDA.”

The complaint also says, “Dr. Bright provided [a] reporter with emails between HHS officials that were not privileged or classified or otherwise legally restricted from dissemination, which discussed the drug’s potential toxicity and demonstrated the political pressure to rush these drugs from Pakistan and India to American households. Dr. Bright hoped that by shining a light on HHS’s reckless and dangerous push to make these drug available, American lives would be saved.”

“HHS leadership, including Secretary Azar and Dr. Kadlec, were already gunning for Dr. Bright’s removal because of other issues he had raised about fraud, waste, and abuse, but they chose to remove him as BARDA Director within days of publication of the article about chloroquine because they suspected that he was the source. Coincidentally, on the very day that they involuntarily removed Dr. Bright from his position, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) issued a warning that hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine have not been shown to be safe and effective for treating or preventing COVID-19.”

“Dr. Bright was removed as BARDA Director and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response in the midst of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic because his efforts to prioritize science and safety over political expediency and to expose practices that posed a substantial risk to public health and safety, especially as it applied to chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, rankled those in the Administration who wished to continue to push this false narrative.”

Courthouse News’ Adam Klasfeld, who was on today’s conference call with Dr, Bright and his attorneys, offers these excerpts from the whistleblower complaint:

Read the full whistleblower complaint here (search for “addendum” in the document to find Dr. Bright’s statement.)

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‘Still in That Hut in Kenya’: President’s New White House Press Secretary Is a Birther – and a Huge Hypocrite



President Donald Trump on Tuesday appointed Christian conservative Kayleigh McEnany, who is his re-election campaign’s national press secretary, to be the new White House press secretary.

Like her boss, Kayleigh McEnany is a birther.

And like her boss, McEnany is a huge hypocrite.

Here’s the new, incoming White House press secretary from 2012, the year President Obama was re-elected, spouting birtherism and racism:

There’s this tweet, also from 2012, that furthers the birther conspiracy and adds to it the racist implication that Black people don’t perform as well as white people, or that if they get into good schools it’s only through affirmative action programs, which is false.

It’s not just McEnany’s birtherism and racism that are disturbing to see in anyone working in the White House, it’s her hypocrisy as well.

In 2015 McEnany was not impressed with then-candidate Trump:

But she focused much of her time attacking President Barack Obama, for issues she ignores with President Trump.

Here she goes after Obama for golfing (NCRM has not verified if her claim is true):

Here she attacks President Obama for blaming his predecessor, which Trump does almost daily.

Here she praises Mitt Romney for not attacking his fellow Republicans – something Trump does on a regular basis:

Here she attacks Obama for increasing the national debt after the global financial crisis. Trump has increased the debt in three years  far more than Obama ever did in eight.

Here she attacks Obama for not going to church regularly. Her boss almost never does – yet claims to be highly religious, and uses the evangelical right as a shield.

Finally, we’ll just leave these last two hypocritical tweets here without comment:

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr and a CC license

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Kellyanne Conway Predicts ‘Devastation’ From Coronavirus After Initially Calling It ‘Contained’



White House adviser Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday suggested that she was taking the novel coronavirus seriously after initially saying that it was “contained.”

In an interview on Fox News, Conway encouraged viewers to follow Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines on limiting public gatherings during the pandemic.

“These are unprecedented times with this virus,” she insisted. “And it calls for unprecedented action. But we also know about the resilience and the strength and the fortitude of the American people.”

“We can all do our best to mitigate the health consequences of this unprecedented virus,” Conway said. “But our government is working together and with the private sector to help mitigate the economic devastation as well.”

She added: “We just want Americans to know that we’re in this together, that we can all do our part to mitigate the damage as well… We want Americans to replace panic with over-preparedness… Nobody should be upset if they’re over-prepared or they overreact to this.”

But just days earlier, Conway had downplayed the virus.

“It is being contained,” Conway told a reporter earlier this month. “Do you not think it’s being contained?”

Watch the video below from Fox News.


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