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Pat McCrory Failed at Being a Governor. Now He’s Succeeding at Being a Racist.



Former North Carolina GOP governor Pat McCrory lost re-election after putting the tar-heel state – and the nation – through years of anti-LGBT strife and discrimination. His support of the so-called “bathroom bill” that led Republican lawmakers to enact dictatorially punishing legislation stripping away civil rights from not only transgender people but many North Carolina citizens was beyond the pale. As his state lost millions in revenue he lost voters’ confidence, and ultimately, their votes and his job.

Now McCrory is doing what washed up politicians do best: political commentary.

On his radio show (audio below) Wednesday McCrory revealed he is not just anti-LGBT, he’s also anti-Black.

McCrory, mayor of Charlotte for 14 years before becoming a one-term governor, shared with his listeners how very uncomfortable and disturbed he is that Black people are getting elected in his North Carolina home town.

“We’ve become a very segregated political system in Charlotte-Mecklenburg (county),” McCrory began, complaining that Democrats control the city, “unlike the diversity that we had in the political system ten years ago.”

Make no mistake, McCrory is saying “Democrats” but he means Black people. And he’s calling Black people getting elected to city offices a “tremendous change in dynamics,” and one he isn’t happy about it.

“The Black Political Caucus has total control over the Democratic Party,” in Charlotte, McCrory claims.

“Because in the primaries the demographics is that the African American vote dominates the Democratic primary. So therefore if all elections in Charlotte-Mecklenburg are determined by the Democratic primary, all primaries are then determined by the Black Political Caucus. A small group of individuals who hand out flyers at the polling places like McCrorey YMCA,” the former governor railed. “And that determines the election for all of Charlotte-Mecklenburg.”

McCrory’s co-host Bo Thompson cut through the dog whistling.

“Charlotte Mecklenburg now has an African American sheriff. Police Chief. Fire Chief. Mayor. School Board Chair. City Manager. County Chair. Transportation CEO. And District Attorney,” Thompson explained.

“And they’re all qualified,” McCrory conceded. “They’re all liberal they’re all qualified. Color of skin should make no difference but the Black Political Caucus does consider color of skin when making recommendations,” he said, telegraphing that he’s not racist, but the Black Political Caucus is.

“And they totally abandoned the white male Democratic sheriff,” McCrory continued, carving out for himself the role of grieving white male.

WBTV explains that McCrory’s “analysis comes one day after Spencer Merriweather was elected to District Attorney and Garry McFadden won the sheriff’s race. It is the first time two African Americans have been elected to those offices in Mecklenburg County.”

But that’s just too much for Pat McCrory.

Meanwhile the former school board chair, Arthur Griffin, who heads up the Black caucus, tells WBTV, ”I think it’s a political dog whistle to say, ‘let’s engage in this racial politics thing,’ when in fact the evidence is absolutely clear that the Black Political Caucus engaged in public policy that’s good for all citizens.”

When those positions were held by white people was McCrory complaining about a lack of diversity?

Listen to McCrory’s remarks:






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DeSantis Spokesperson Says LGBTQ Pride Lights on Jacksonville Bridge Will Be Back On – No Word on Others



A spokesperson for Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis says the LGBTQ Pride Month display on Jacksonville’s Acosta Bridge will be back on Wednesday night. They were ordered removed after just one night by the state’s Dept. of Transportation, after dozens of other displays went unquestioned.

DeSantis spokesperson Taryn Fenske told Florida Politics, “the lights will be on.”

Fenske said FDOT is “letting it go,” adding that other lighting displays “went up that were not on the approved list” previously, referring to already in place permits. However, the Pride display was the first to get blocked, a move that roiled locals.

The LGBTQ community remains targeted by DeSantis and his administration.

Permits for lighting other Florida bridges, including in Sarasota and St. Petersburg to celebrate Pride Month were denied, and there’s no indication they too will be allowed.

Ordering the Acosta Bridge LGBTQ celebration lights removed is “just the latest in a string of anti-LGBTQ actions” from DeSantis, Equality Florida Communications Manager Michael Womack tells NCRM.

Womack says the Florida Dept. of transportation “answers to the governor,” who he notes signed into law Florida’s first anti-LGBTQ bill in 24 years. He also says that in 2020 the permit to light the Acosta Bridge in LGBTQ rainbow colors for Pride Month was denied.

It is no coincidence that the Florida governor, a likely 2024 presidential hopeful, chose Jacksonville, a conservative Christian private school, and the first day of Pride Month to sign into law a bill banning transgender girls from playing in girls sports.

“Girls are gonna play girls’ sports,” DeSantis said June 1. “Boys are going to play boys’ sports.”

DeSantis chose June 2 to veto legislation that would have provided funds for counseling for survivors of the Pulse massacre and funding for LGBTQ homeless youth.

“Let’s be clear about what this is: Governor DeSantis has declared war on Florida’s LGBTQ community,” Pulse survivor Brandon Wolf, who now works for Equality Florida, told the Orlando Sentinel.

Tuesday the DOT ordered the Pride Light display removed, claiming there was no permit for the event. But the DOT never had a problem with countless other displays, including those recognizing Memorial Day, Autism acceptance and awareness, St. Patrick’s Day, Lupus, the first day of Spring, Christmas, child abuse awareness, and Easter – to name a few.

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DeSantis Admin Orders Jacksonville Bridge Stripped of LGBTQ Pride Month Rainbow Lights One Day After Turned On



Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis or someone in his administration ordered the Acosta Bridge in Jacksonville to take down a special LGBTQ Pride Month rainbow light display, just one day after it had been turned on.

The Florida Times-Union reports the order came from the Florida Department of Transportation, which ordered the Jacksonville Transportation Authority to remove the display. The FDOT owns the bridge even though it is controlled by the JTA.

“This afternoon, the FDOT informed the JTA that our scheduled color scheme for the Acosta Bridge is out of compliance with our existing permit. The JTA will comply accordingly,” the Jacksonville Transportation Authority announced in a statement.

But Florida Times-Union metro columnist Nate Monroe says there’s “almost no way this didn’t come from the governor’s office. JTA has lit the bridge up with all sorts of colors on all sorts of occasions, with no pushback, until now.”

He also encouraged social media users to contact Gov. DeSantis’ Press Secretary, who is a fan of light shows, at least some light shows:

Requests for Pride Month displays on other bridges, including in Sarasota and St. Petersburg, were allegedly denied.

Florida’s first LGBTQ Latinx legislator expressed outrage:

Equality Florida’s Senior Political Director notes DeSantis has used LGBTQ Pride Month to attack LGBTQ people several times already:

An investigative reporter and Executive Producer at WTLV/WJXX weighs in with other events that were allowed (even more examples on her Twitter page):

UPDATE: DeSantis Spokesperson Says LGBTQ Pride Lights on Jacksonville Bridge Will Be Back On – No Word on Others

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‘I Live in Oakland’: Homophobic Hotel Guests Shamed Out of Pool After Profanity-Laced Freakout Over Two Women Kissing



A Sacramento hotel was the scene of a homophobic incident when a group of people witnessed two women kissing and flipped out.

The Black Bay Area Instagram account showed the white women losing their minds while queer Black women were kissing. They insisted they weren’t racist, just homophobic, mentioning there were children.

One person in the pool kept chanting “SHAME” as the people left in disgrace. The chant lasted for at least three minutes non-stop. The first woman walked away but the second and third woman tried to argue with the people in the pool, filming them and shouting at them.

“Do you have kids? Good because you’d be a terrible father!” one woman said while holding her beverage. Another woman flipped off the camera.

Pride Month begins today, June 1st.

See the video below:


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