Man Who Threatened to Report Workers to ICE for Speaking Spanish Reportedly ID’d as ‘Die Hard Trumper’

After a video of a man in a Manhattan restaurant yelling at a manager for workers allegedly speaking Spanish went viral, four journalists say they have identified him.

To be clear, NCRM has not confirmed any of these reports.

The Intercept columnist Shaun King via Twitter says seven of the man's former classmates verified he is who King tracked down:

King took to Twitter earlier Wednesday in an attempt to ID the man who, in the video that went viral, threatened to report the Spanish speaking workers to immigration authorities, saying he assumed they were probably undocumented. He also complained that they were on welfare and his tax dollars are supporting them.

He adds:

Another reporter, the lead editor at A Plus, says he recognized the man from a video last year. Based on that video, Isaac Saul says the same man was screaming at Jews saying they weren't Jewish. He describes him as "a die hard Trumper."

And Ari Feldman at The Forward also reports the same name of the man who allegedly appears in the video.

Finally, a man who says he is an independent journalist posted this tweet:


UPDATE: The man allegedly has been identified as Aaron Schlossberg.

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