Don Blankenship Lost His GOP Primary but He’s Not Done Dividing America Yet

Racist Republican Don Blankenship thought he could win the GOP primary for a U.S. Senate seat in West Virginia, but thanks to some common sense and a lot of cash from Mitch McConnell's pals, the former coal mining executive came in third.

Blankenship had no problem attacking the Senate Majority Leader with innuendo and outright falsehoods, like calling McConnell "Cocaine Mitch," after the illegal narcotic was found on a ship owned by his wife's family's company.

But now the aggrieved loser who calls Black people "negroes" and Asians "China people." has decided he's not done yet.

Last week Blankenship threatened to run for President.

On Monday he posted a campaign-style ad (for what is unclear) attacking McConnell – and actually telling the Majority Leader joking about cocaine is not funny, which is exactly what he did when he called him "Cocaine Mitch."

“Cocaine Mitch’s family shipping business was caught with cocaine onboard one of their ships,” the ad says. “That’s not funny to families who have lost loved ones to cocaine overdose deaths, it’s only funny to those making money by shipping and selling cocaine.”

Take a look:


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