As Hopes for North Korea Nuclear Talks Disintegrate the Internet Reminds Trump He Was Warned

The world hoped this time was different. Some went so far as to say maybe it took a madman to cut a deal with another madman. But as President Donald Trump went further into negotiating a nuclear summit with North Korea, all the signs were there. And liberals from the start warned Trump he didn't know – and wasn't bothering to learn about – who he was dealing with. That he needed to prep for the summit, and prepare for the tricks Kim Jong-un would pull along the way. That North Korea has done this before. And Tuesday night, without warning, Kim Jong-un did it again.

North Korea's official state news agency announced late Tuesday night that it was suspending high level talks with South Korea over long-planned, annual military exercises with the U.S. And it threatened to cancel the nuclear summit with President Trump if U.S. demands didn't change.

Experts had warned this would happen. But Trump doesn't believe in experts. And he was too busy claiming "everyone" said he deserved a Nobel prize for his dealings with North Korea – which were minimal, South Korea took the lead – so he pushed ahead, believing his mere existence would solve the decades-old crisis.

Now, America under Trump once again looks weak, inexperienced, and embarrassed.

Here's what some are saying:

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