Abbott Speaks on Texas School Mass Shooting – Does Everything He Can to Not Say ‘Guns’ or ‘Shooting’


Promises to 'Protect 2nd Amendment Rights'

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has finally appeared on the scene of Friday morning's Santa Fe High School shooting more than six hours after it began. In his remarks at a live press conference Abbott did everything he could to not use the words "guns" or "shooting."

Gov. Abbott, who has a 100% approval rating from the NRA, promised he would put together a group to make sure nothing like Friday's mass shooting, which took at least ten lives, ever happens again.

But Abbott immediately followed up that comment with a promise that he will continue to "protect Second Amendment rights."

Abbott called the shooting "the worst disaster to ever strike this community," "one of the most heinous attacks," a "crime," a "tragedy," and a "catastrophe."

It took the Texas Republican governor almost five minutes to first use the word "guns" while reading from his prepared remarks, which were broadcast live nationwide. Abbott took more than six minutes to use the word "shooting," and more than seven minutes to use the word "shooter."

He repeatedly used the word "weapons" instead of "guns."

Abbott, and right after him, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) both blamed not guns, and not the extreme availability of guns, but "evil" for the slaughter of 9 students and a teacher.

You can watch Gov. Abbott's full remarks below:


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