President Trump Is Gleefully Tweeting Out Propaganda Direct From Kim Jong-un

President Donald Trump considers himself the world's greatest negotiator. A great "dealmaker" and billionaire with incredible business acumen.

It's all a big lie.

Friday evening news broke that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un had announced he is ending nuclear testing and shutting down his nuclear testing site.

This is propaganda. It has not been verified, and only time will tell. Kim Jong-un could flip-flop Saturday morning. More importantly, however, he doesn't need to test his nuclear weapons because he has fully-functional nuclear weapons. The testing phase is over.

So what does the world's greatest negotiator do? Does he say, "Time will tell"? Does he present a cautious front? Does he challenge the veracity of a man who has lied about matters of grave concern before, who has little credibility throughout the world?


“There is nothing in North Korea’s statement that signals a willingness to give up their nukes,” Benjamin Silberstein, a North Korea researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, told The Washington Post.

The President of the United States is tweeting out actual quotes, verbatim, from Kim Jong-un to his 51 million followers.

"Progress being made for all!"

Donald Trump literally just became the Minister of Propaganda for a dangerous dictator.

And he did it gleefully. No threats needed. Kim Jong-un without effort just got Donald Trump to do his bidding, to voice his propaganda as if it were verified truth.

Donald Trump will be heading to a meeting with Kim Jong-un at some point in the coming weeks. And already Kim has Trump eating out of his hand.

Donald Trump is an idiot.

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr and a CC license

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