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This Radio Show’s Disgusting Homophobic Pranks Just Hit the National Airwaves



‘Brooke and Jubal’ Features Phone Calls from Effeminate, Sexualized Caricature of a Gay Man

Seattle-based radio program Brooke and Jubal recently entered the national syndication arena, bringing with it co-host Jubal Flagg’s “phonetaps” in which he prank calls targets in the guise of, amongst others, an overtly effeminate, highly sexualized caricature of a gay man.

Premiere Networks, a subsidiary of iHeartMedia that syndicates conservative radio shows like The Sean Hannity Show and The Rush Limbaugh Show, announced in March that it had obtained the rights to distribute the show. The network describes Brooke and Jubal as “[featuring] conversation on the latest happenings in pop culture and entertainment, hilarious skits and listener interaction,” airing weekdays between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. nationwide.

The so-called hilarious skits include co-host Jubal’s aforementioned “phonetaps,” in which Flagg solicits listeners to submit ideas for prank calls. Listeners are asked to provide ideas, the expected reaction and “two things that really bug” the receiving party: namely, what’s going to upset them enough to evoke a negative, and thus radio-worthy, reaction.

One tool Flagg employs to evoke these reactions is the character Movin’ 92.5 often refers to as “everyone’s favorite sassy Christian” — his overtly effeminate, self-absorbed, highly sexualized caricature of a gay man, now airing in various timeslots nationwide.

Versions of this character appear to have been part of Flagg’s “comedy” since at least the 2008 election cycle, as seen in videos of a “convergaytion” in which he weeps over “the best American” Perez Hilton and the potential of “our greatest assets” (celebrities) leaving the country. But the character of Christian appears to have first made an appearance as a “phonetap” regular in 2011’s “Christian is stuck in the closet.”

While the audio of Christian’s debut on the station’s website is no longer available, more likely due to its tenure than its offensive nature, the description asserts that “Christian gets what Christian wants!”

Some examples of what the character has wanted since, which are currently circulating nationwide as new content via syndication, include:

• Arguing with a straight man that he’s accidentally booked a gay cruise, asserting that he’ll go on the cruise or Christian will spank him, insisting that “everybody’s ‘not gay’ until they’ve tried it”:

• Insisting that a straight man’s bride-to-be is a “bridezilla,” and insulting her appearance before complimenting his own:

• Convincing a straight woman that he’s training her boyfriend, with the goal of getting him in shape so that he can find someone more attractive than her:

• Making a dinner reservation with a laundry list of demands: new menus to accommodate his recent manicure, a reservation time three hours before his arrival to ensure that he’s fashionably late and a table where everyone can see him:

• Attempting to convince a straight man’s personal assistant that he’s the extramarital boyfriend of her boss. After the prank is revealed, the two casually laugh about the idea of her boss having a “gay lover that he was hiding”:

• Convincing a man that Christian is a personal trainer at the gym he attends, and that he needs to start working out elsewhere because he’s more attractive than Christian. After a rather long description of his “tasty abs,” Christian insists that he needs to go because, “I’m the hot one at the gym”:

• While there are more examples, finally: Lodging a complaint to a retail manager because her “minions” were awestruck by how attractive he was. This was a detriment to his well-being as they brought him a larger pair of pants to try on, implying he was fat:

The character of Christian isn’t Flagg’s only portrayal of gay men, however. In another prank, he calls the brother of a prison inmate who asked only that his brother be made “nervous.”

After Jubal reveals that the conversation’s been a prank, it ends with the two men laughing about how “hopefully [his] brother’s nobody’s butt steak.” Here’s the full audio: 

Fox-syndicated show Dish Nation, which “dishes on celebrity news with humorous commentary on pop culture,” has further displayed the Brooke and Jubal team and their stance on LGBT representation.

One video featured a broadcast of the show highlighting a segment in which, rather than “pranking the audience, [they] prank[ed] each other,” and shows a same-sex kiss between Jubal and a horrified, overtly disgusted team member concerned that others might think he’s gay.

In a follow-up video, the entire Brooke and Jubal team muse over an audience member believing that Flagg and the team member are in fact gay, leading him to jokingly indicate that he’s strived his entire life to “be an icon to the gay community.” (This shouldn’t be shocking, co-host Brooke advises, as Flagg “[takes] his shirt off every moment [he] can.”) The horrified, overtly disgusted team member, of course, remains horrified and overtly-disgusted.

Often, the pranks made on the show are made on straight men, at the request of other straight men, and are always carried out by Flagg, a straight man, as another straight man laughs in the background. Undoubtedly, however, they aren’t only heard by straight men.

In February, Nielsen released its annual State of the Media report, concluding that 265 million Americans ages 6 and up listen to the radio on a weekly basis. The study indicated that radio reaches 93 percent of the population weekly, more than any other platform, including television, TV-connected devices, PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Nielsen determined that 66.5 million millennials (ages 18-34) use the radio weekly, spending an average of 11 hours and 9 minutes listening, and studies have also concluded that of millennials alone, 10.8 million US households have children, many of which are potentially LGBT.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), just two weeks ago, released its national report on the health risks facing children and teenagers, specifically those that identify as lesbian, gay and bisexual:

• More than 40 percent of LGB students seriously considered suicide and 29 percent reported attempting suicide in the past year.

• Sixty percent of LGB students reported having been so sad or hopeless that they stopped doing some usual activities.

• LGB students were up to five times more likely than other students to report using several illegal drugs.

• More than one in 10 LGB students have missed school during the past 30 days because of safety concerns.

While the at-risk youth live in a society where 72 percent of Americans support LGBT non-discrimination laws, they also live in a society where 28 percent do not. Likewise, while they live in a country where 62 percent of Americans support same-sex marriage, 38 percent do not.

They live in a society where just over two months ago, 49 members of the LGBT community were murdered in the country’s deadliest mass shooting — a hate crime that was the worst terror attack since 9/11.

They live in a society where a man claiming to be a “Christian warrior” was only just arrested for a YouTube video, viewed over 73 million times, in which he threatened to massacre “gays, f*gg*ts, lesbians and satanists.”

And they live in a society where a man running a presidential candidate’s campaign is well-known for his anti-LGBT news site that’s published headlines such as, “Dear Straight People: I’m officially giving you permission to say gay, f*gg*t, and queer.”

The CDC’s report doesn’t indicate, however, if the 40 percent of LGB students who have considered suicide in the past year, or their potentially homophobic parents, fellow students or bullies who have led to over one in 10 students missing school for safety concerns, are among the 265 million Americans listening to the radio on a weekly basis.

The number of LGBT listeners of the show, voluntary or not, is unknown. Also unknown is the number of those in the LGBT community who aren’t in a position to find humor in a straight man pranking another straight man, at the request of another straight man, as another straight man laughs in the background.

Despite this, “Brooke and Jubal’s tremendous success in Seattle and Portland proves they can deliver quality programming that drives results in a highly-competitive landscape,” Premiere Networks President Julie Talbott said. “[We] look forward to expanding Brooke and Jubal’s unique brand of entertainment to additional markets across the country.”

Recent expansions include Meadview, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, Louisville, Kentucky, Biloxi, Mississippi, Columbia, South Carolina, and Tampa, Florida.

Rachel Nelson, Peremiere Networks contact for guests, media and listeners, did not respond to a request for comment.


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Trump Appeals After Judge Agrees With Special Counsel on Crime-Fraud Exception and Requires His Attorney to Testify



Donald Trump’s attorneys have appealed a ruling that requires one of his lawyers to testify before a grand jury investigating his unlawful removal, retention, and refusal to return classified documents from the White House.

Attorneys for the Special Counsel “said there is evidence of a deliberate effort not to turn over all the material covered by the subpoena,” The Washington Post reports, citing people familiar with the matter.

U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell had reportedly agreed with Special Counsel Smith that there is sufficient evidence proving Donald Trump may have committed a crime via his attorneys, and ruled his attorney must testify before a grand jury. The ruling, which was not made public, was handed down Friday night, NBC News reported Wednesday afternoon.

Judge Howell “ruled in favor of applying the ‘crime fraud’ exception to Trump’s attorney-client privilege and ordered Trump lawyer Evan Corcoran to testify before the federal grand jury.”

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Trump’s attorneys have already appealed the ruling.

“People familiar with the matter said an appeals panel has already begun reviewing the decision, after Trump’s lawyers appealed,” The Washington Post adds. “The extraordinarily quick timeline suggests that the judges — all nominated by Democratic presidents — intend to rule swiftly.”

Trump could take his case all the way to the Supreme Court, but The Post says it’s “not clear he would have a much better chance of success there.”

According to an NBC News report from October, Corcoran directed another Trump attorney, Christina Bobb, to sign the letter claiming a thorough search of Mar-a-Lago had been made and all classified or “sensitive” documents had been returned. That was proven untrue after federal agents, executing a search warrant, recovered hundreds of documents with classified markings.

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‘On Standby’: Experts Say Manhattan Hush Money Grand Jury Delay ‘Not All That Surprising’



In a last-minute surprise move the grand jury examining the Manhattan District Attorney’s hush money case against Donald Trump was called off after being told to show up Wednesday afternoon, leaving some to wonder why. Many anticipated jurors would be voting on a possible indictment of the ex-president, one he wrongly claimed would come on Tuesday.

“The grand jury has been told to stay home today. They’re on standby for tomorrow,” an unnamed senior law-enforcement official said, Politico reports. A spokesperson for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg told Politico, “We can’t confirm or comment on Grand Jury matters.”

Meanwhile, CNN’s Paula Reid reports, “Sources tell CNN that prosecutors have been in touch with an attorney for at least one witness, and they signal that they’re leaving the door open for that witness to potentially come back to give additional testimony.”

“One of the big questions right now is whether this grand jury has actually completed its investigation or whether they will need to hear from additional witnesses.”

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Reid says it’s also possible prosecutors are “taking a moment to really consider the historic weight of indicating a former U.S. president.”

Experts are offering insight on the delay, with some pointing to tying up “loose ends,” others suggesting security concerns, and others say delays like this are to be expected.

Top national security attorney Brad Moss commented on Reid’s CNN report, saying: “Interesting. Makes sense.”

Overnight, former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance wrote, “Wherever the truth lies about what’s going on in Manhattan, that timeline suggests there may not be an indictment tomorrow or even this week.” After news that the grand jury would not meet Wednesday broke, she pointed to that remark and wrote: “This now looks like it will be the case.”

That echoes a little noticed Fox News report from Monday that indicated any possible indictment would not come before next week.

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A law enforcement “source said law enforcement does not expect the former president to be arraigned until next week as the Manhattan grand jury – which has been meeting secretly to hear evidence for weeks – has another witness on Wednesday. A virtual option was apparently ruled out as the DA is opposed to it.”

Could security be the reason for the delay? On Tuesday, award-winning reporter Carol Leonnig said law enforcement agencies are investigating “chilling” threats, including against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg

“I have received copies and screenshots and internal documents and emails flagging concerns about specific protests, investigations into specific online threats that have been made that are not yet determined to be ‘credible and likely to occur’ but have been chilling nonetheless in terms of the threats that have been made about killing certain people,” said Leonnig, a Pulitzer-Prize winning author, on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House.”

Former New York prosecutor Tristan Snell, who successfully helped prosecute the New York Attorney General’s case against Trump University, pointed to security measures as a possible reason for the delay.

“Most likely reason: all the law enforcement coordination and security logistics that are being worked out, including with NYPD and Secret Service,” Snell offered. “They don’t want to indict and then have a long gap between indictment and arrest/arraignment.”

He also noted, “part of the security is to ensure the GRAND JURORS themselves — 23 regular New Yorkers, doing their civic duty — are protected from a defendant who incites violence.”

Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti said: “Based on what we know publicly, there are plenty of loose ends that prosecutors may need to tie up, so delay is not all that surprising.”

Watch the CNN video above or at this link.


Image: Evan El-Amin / Shutterstock

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Jim Jordan’s Attack on Manhattan DA Will ‘Backfire’ and Allow Democrats to Expose Coordination With Trump: Columnist



Republican House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan‘s unprecedented attack on Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg this week will “backfire” on the GOP, according to a Washington Post columnist who spoke with House Democrats.

Chairman Jordan, who has no constitutional oversight authority over an elected county district attorney, demanded Bragg hand over documents and communications and testify before Congress about his criminal investigation into Donald Trump’s hush money payoffs and business practices. Some believe an indictment could come as early as Wednesday afternoon.

“If Jim Jordan and MAGA Republicans attack the Manhattan DA’s potential indictment of Trump, Democrats will use the proceedings to draw attention to coordination between House Republicans and Trump’s legal team, Dems tell me,” The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent said Wednesday via Twitter. “This will backfire on the GOP.”

Sargent adds House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Jamie Raskin told him: “This is an extreme move to use the resources of Congress to interfere with a criminal investigation at the state and local level.” Raskin likened “GOP ‘political culture’ to ‘authoritarian dictatorships.'”

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Sargent says Democrats “can use this against the GOP.”

He adds: “Trump’s lawyer sen[t] a letter to Jim Jordan urging an investigation into any charges against Trump, the NYT reports. Dems will use any hearings that Jordan holds to shed light on coordination between Trump’s legal team and House Republicans, aides tell me.”

In his Wednesday Washington Post opinion column Sargent calls on Democrats to “marshal some serious creativity in response” to Republican attacks.

“The extraordinary move by House Republicans to insert themselves into Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s investigation of Trump provides Democrats with an opening to do just that,” he says.

Sargent says “it’s not clear that Jordan, the Judiciary Committee chair, has thought this through. The course of action signaled by the letter — also signed by Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-Ky.) — could go sideways for Republicans in unforeseen ways.”

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Raskin is an attorney, constitutional law professor, and was the lead impeachment manager for the second impeachment of Donald Trump. He has become a leading voice for American democratic values and in the fight against the MAGA Republicans.

“If and when there is an indictment, we will be able to reconstruct all the facts of this case in a way that makes sense to the American public,” Raskin told Sargent, who explains: “The aim, he noted, would be to ‘show the justice process is working, and there is no call for extraordinary intervention by the U.S. Congress.'”

Sargent warns, “A Trump indictment will unleash months of information warfare around a numbingly complex matter never before litigated in the public arena. Democrats sometimes undervalue the importance of sheer creativity in politics, and as ugly as the GOP response has been, Republicans are responding to unprecedented circumstances with new innovations. Democrats must meet them on that battlefield.”

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