Students Wear ‘Straight Pride’ Signs In Tennessee High School After Gay-Straight Alliance Formed


GSA Signs Defaced With 'Faggots' And 'No Gays Allowed' 

The response by some students and parents to a new gay-straight alliance club in a rural Tennessee high school exemplifies the actual need for the club's existence. GSAs exist to promote understanding, acceptance, knowledge, and tolerance, and at Franklin County High School in Winchester, Tennessee, those values are sorely lacking among the local anti-gay crowd.

Some students have taken to wearing "Straight Pride" signs that include the universal "no" symbol placed over the GSA name, as Towleroad first reported today.

The photo was posted to the Franklin County High School TN Gay Straight Alliance Supporters Facebook page on Saturday, with a note stating that even though one school administrator "asked a student to remove the sign," when they did not comply, there was no acknowledgement or punishment - signifying tacit endorsement. 

One person who apparently was or is a student at the school commented that students made the signs themselves, and students had defaced actual GSA signs.

One defaced GSA sign was graffitied with "No Gays Allowed" and "Faggots":

All this comes after one angry parent, John Wimley, started a campaign against the school's GSA, comparing it to ISIS, and writing on his own Facebook page, "#‎PUTGODINSCHOOLSPLEASE":


Wimley also created a Facebook page to rally anti-gay locals to attend a February school board meeting. Wimley wrote, "Protect Traditional Marriage. Stand Against G.S.A. club being @ FCHS." 

The Franklin County GSA now has its own Facebook page. There is also a Franklin County High School TN Gay Straight Alliance Supporters page on Facebook.


Image via Facebook

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