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  • Tennessee Parents Wage War On Gay-Straight Alliance, Compare Club To ISIS

    Hate Speech, Bible-Based Attacks From Anti-LGBT Parents Underscore Need For GSAs

    WBRC FOX6 News - Birmingham, AL - WBRC.com

    Opponents of a Gay-Straight Alliance at a rural Tennessee high school are comparing the club to the terror group ISIS and calling on school officials to resign for allowing it.  

    The GSA met for the first time this week at Franklin County High School in Winchester, Tennessee, a town of 8,500 about 70 miles northwest of Chattanooga. 

    On its web site, the school explains that under the federal Equal Access Act and long-established court precedent, it is required to allow the GSA if it allows other extracurricular clubs. 

    "The FCHS GSA will foster a safe environment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) students and their allies," a description of the club states. "The FCHS GSA will offer a space where LGBT students and their allies can speak freely and honestly with their peers about issues specific to LGBT students without fear of rejection or harassment." 

    In response to news that the GSA had formed, Winchester parent and business owner John Wimley launched a Facebook page calling for people to attend the next Franklin County school board meeting and "protect traditional marriage" by standing against the GSA. 

    "OK F.C. [Franklin County] if we do not ban [SIC] together and stop this B.S. the next thing you know they will have a F.I.M.A. (Future ISIS Members of America) #PutGodInSchoolsPlease," Wimley wrote.  


    Wimley's Facebook profile picture consists of a graphic featuring a cross that reads, "Jesus died for you. Allah wants you to kill innocent people and die for him."

    But his call for putting God in schools seems to contradict what he told WBRC-TV for a story about the GSA.

    "I don't believe there should be religion or sexual preference taught in any school," Wimley told the station. "I don’t understand where they're coming from, and I want answers," he said. "Everybody wants answers."

    In response to Wimley's hate-fueled ignorance, supporters of the GSA launched a Facebook page calling for a boycott of his business, the Tennessee Car Care Center. But Wimley wasn't the only person who compared the GSA to ISIS. 

    Martin Jonathan, who apparently attended Franklin County High School but now lives in San Antonio, according to his Facebook page, called the GSA "ungodly" and "wrong."

    "The more we conform to this ever changing society the more weak we become as a Christian nation," Johnathan wrote. "What would be your opinion on a group initiating an ISIS club @ FCHS? Allow it so they don't become the next suicide bombers?"

    "Unbelievable how times have changed," Johnathan added. "What a disgrace. Not the FCHS I was raised in nor the one for my children. ... [Principal Greg] Mantooth should be forced to resign. The parents and taxpayers in FC shall be heard." 

    Others argued that because some teachers have posted rainbow flags in their classrooms indicating that they're LGBT allies, people should also be allowed to display rebel flags, Christian flags, "Panther club" flags, white pride flags and gang symbols. 

    The photo above is one of the "flags" teachers who are allies have posted, indicating a safe space.

    "I'm gonna start this by saying, I don't [give] a damn who likes me or what I think!" wrote parent Candice Candy Maxwell. "But, what I do [give] a damn about is when something is thrown in my backyard and is pushed in my kids' face by students of different lifestyles [and] faculty that support it! ... Keep your shit in your backyard and I'll do the same. Throw it around and push it in my kids' face just because, and by God I'll be the first to come unglued!" 

    Christian Bullington, a student who co-founded the GSA, wrote below a post about the club from news outlet Franklin County Buzz that he was "astonished how much hate I see on here and everywhere." Bullington also responded to allegations that GSA organizers threatened to sue school officials if they didn't allow the club. 

    "We did not threaten anyone," Bullington wrote. "I have wanted this group since I started at Franklin County High School. I have pushed and pushed but Mantooth and the board said no, no, no, no, no — until we found out that we are federally protected and that we are allowed to start the group. Now I'm sorry that a lot of you don't agree with the group, but find it in your heart for acceptance and peace." 

    The other co-founder of the GSA, Josh Dailey, elaborated on the need for the club. 

    "LGBT students in our school especially are bullied on a daily basis, and to be honest, I'm tired of seeing it as well as receiving it, so we have a club called GSA, which is a federally protected program, to give these students a safe place to go so we can stop bullying at the source as well as being there to support each other," Dailey wrote. 

    To support the GSA, like the club's Facebook page

    Watch WBRC's report above. 


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    • commented 2016-02-01 23:44:51 -0500
      I stand 100% behind these students and their GSA. I am mindblown that these folks are full of such hatred. These young people need to know they are supported and being gay is okay.

      -Caleb Laieski

    • commented 2016-01-26 09:58:44 -0500
      @shane to be part of the ‘gay life’ one must be Gay. You can not sue someone for not being gay.

      A Christian school teacher told me something when I was a child that changed my life – “What a person does is between them and God. It is Not between you, them and God. We are not here to tell people how to live..”

      No where in the Bible does it tell us to dictate how people should live or to deny them something because we don’t agree with how they live.

      You have No legal and No Biblical standing for denying people a service because they are gay. Nowhere in the Bible does it tell you that you can deny a person anything because you don’t agree with something that they do.

      Look up: Matthew 25:35-40 Start there.to find the things you Should be doing and stop worrying about telling people what you believe they shouldn’t be doing.

    • commented 2016-01-26 05:04:23 -0500
      wow … the hate and ignorance, better summed up as “FEAR” has taken hold …and the GOP is cashing in with their bigots, who think only their opinions matter, to hell with the SCOTUS … look I don’t like citizens united .. but it is the law … hate and bigotry from fear is what is wrong with this planet

    • commented 2016-01-26 04:57:08 -0500
      Shane, since when is overtly attacking gay people “religious freedom”. Sorry, but your religiouis freedom does not haace the right to infringe on our rights. I think most people claiming religious freedom aare no more religious than my neighbor’s mean dog and have about the same temperment. The people that hate gays just think religious freedom gives them a pass on their hate- newsflash… it don’t. Just look at the profile photo you picked. ’Nuff said. and for future reference, next time you make preposterius claims you better provide links or it didnt happen.

    • commented 2016-01-25 22:47:33 -0500
      So much hatred from these LGBT people. People are being sued and loosing everything they have because they dont want to be a part of gay life. People have a right to freedom of religion in this country. All these hate posts against christians in the name of homosexuality! And you have the gaul to try to say that nobody is being hurt!!!! Thats a joke! Just read where 5 protesters were killed and 4 others were injured by LBGT organizers!!!!! This is completely insane!!!

    • commented 2016-01-25 14:36:04 -0500
      “The more LGBT activists scream that they don’t condone pedophilia, the more they convince the rest of the world that they do.”
      So, conversely, would that also mean that the more the religious right screams that they don’t condone GLBT, the more they convince the rest of the world they really do?

    • commented 2016-01-25 14:27:43 -0500
      Actually I never stated my personal opinion of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, pedophiles, transvestites or any other sexual specialties. Each is a separate topic. Some combine them into one category. Some have approved and disapproved lists. I simply observed how peoples perspectives have changed and how the LGBT activists destroyed their own credibility

    • commented 2016-01-25 14:07:56 -0500
      Joe, I’d like to point out that since you do not like LGBT people evidence by your derogatory comments that your credibility is the one that is ruined. but somehow homophobes jusst don’t ever ‘get’ that point- perhaps because they are either blinded by hate and in denial or just have a lot of issues and the gay topic is a hot button for them. ive seen it hundreds of times.

    • commented 2016-01-25 13:20:37 -0500
      The more LGBT activists scream that they don’t condone pedophilia, the more they convince the rest of the world that they do. The “not with my little brother or sister” perspective of the high school student is hardly surprising. It was activist insistence on promoting transgender beliefs, particularly Bruce Jenner’s antics, that resulted in complete loss of credibility for the LGBT movement. It had its 15 minutes of fame and now it’s history. And attempts to revive the relic don’t appear to be having much success.

    • commented 2016-01-25 11:28:45 -0500

    • commented 2016-01-25 11:27:39 -0500
      God never left schools and from a non believers erspective he wasnt there to begin with the problem is people think that since X is christian everyone else should be as well

    • commented 2016-01-24 22:29:31 -0500
      The last thing Christians want is God in public Schools. If God is put back in public schools than Christians would be forced to treat everyone with respect and dignity. – Clearly most of my fellow Christians are not up to the challenge.

    • commented 2016-01-23 13:42:12 -0500
      I find it a very sad commentary that LGBT people need to be protected from christians, who supposedly practice the religion of love. In my long years of experience, I have found that christians are the most hateful, intolerant, and bigoted people I have ever come across. They are America’s embarrassment in the world at large. The era of christian privilege and superiority is ending in the United States, and it’s about time.

    • commented 2016-01-23 13:38:35 -0500
      Please note where all the hatred and intolerance is coming from: the bigoted christians.

    • commented 2016-01-23 11:40:03 -0500
      God made gay folks and every other being you dumb asses. And she made hell to fill your kind with.

    • commented 2016-01-23 01:26:19 -0500
      I wish these Christians were more like the person they claim to follow.

    • commented 2016-01-23 00:56:48 -0500
      Morality explained for those infected with ancient middle-eastern cult indoctrination/brainwashing: :https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dWNW-NXEudk

    • commented 2016-01-22 22:40:00 -0500
      I have less than no patience for the unfounded bigotry. Every person in this country has a right to be who they want. So being a bigot and throwing the bible at things that make you uncomfortable. Grow up.

    • commented 2016-01-22 21:57:52 -0500
      Angelica, any minority has the right to start a HS club. Why would it bother you? More importantly to yourself, why do you think it wouldd bother your husband so much? It’s not normal to be so obsessed by the affairs of gay men when you are straight, dont you think? Besides, if one single child is helped by it and a suicide is prevented from some little kid feeling despondent over being different then the whole club was worth it many timess over. And fyi- I dont like football but I never minded them having a club at my HS- i was more interested in playing chess and cchasing boys to care =)

    • commented 2016-01-22 21:33:43 -0500
      Why can’t they do it out of school kinda of like rain, the teen canter in winchester? My children will not be attending fc if they are going to start doing things like this. Also my problem is your talking about this guy and his business, freedom of speech he has his own fillings about the situation and yall are just as low down as he is by judging him. I have no problem with gays i have friends that are but they would of never tried to start a club for it what will it help? There will always be people who will judge, bully, and push around not only gays but kids that are different in other ways so why should gays have the right to have a club when there are other kids that are being hurt and all they get it a counselor? Kidsnare shooting kids in schools and were worried about starting a gay club really? There are far worse things.

    • commented 2016-01-22 20:18:50 -0500
      My grandmother lived in Winchester for years and years. Two of my mom’s siblings live there as well. We used to love going there to visit, see the local castle, visit the Jack Daniel distillery and explore Wonder Cave with my cousins. Today they wont even speak to me or my mom and all because I was honest and told them I am gay aand my mom is fully supportive of it. their loss…

    • commented 2016-01-22 20:12:11 -0500
      Crustal Kucera: I worked many years in KC advocating for GLBT students. Although it was a “City”, it had a small town mentality as religion played a huge role in the bigotry encountered. Hang in there. We had success, but it came at a price.

    • commented 2016-01-22 19:41:57 -0500
      I’m a resident of Winchester, TN and among the allied supporters. We really are a city divided right now. We have been fighting hard to give LGBT kids in our community a safe place on social media to meet and discuss what is happening. The upcoming pride rally and the boycott of his business are unrelated. As the teens want a safe haven from being bullied, we do not want to promote the same. We wish to set a better example than that. There have been threats shared on both sides. We have been told that many of the opposition leaders carry firearms. We hope it does not escalate to such violence. If it does it won’t be because any of us provoked them. The law is on these kids side, but considering its small town Tennessee, law sometimes has no relevance if it doesn’t follow religious agenda.

    • commented 2016-01-22 19:33:54 -0500
      All the nut cases seem to congregate in Tennessee.

    • commented 2016-01-22 18:32:10 -0500
      Now, isn’t ISIS a religious group pushing their religious beliefs on to others? OMG, what one sows, so shall they reap.

    • commented 2016-01-22 17:53:02 -0500
      Thanks for publicizing this and identifying the bigots. This kind of hatred will come back to bite them in the ass if they ever get out of god-forsaken Tennessee.

    • commented 2016-01-22 15:42:54 -0500
      Good for the kids and the teacher who supports them! They are protected by federal law and if they don’t want their kids to go, that’s fine. The ones who need this group are the ones who will go. I would rather have all gay teachers than one fundy pushing their brand of religion on them.

    • commented 2016-01-22 15:41:29 -0500
      What’s amazing is that the Equal Access Act that allows the GSA was promoted originally by religious groups that wanted to be able to have religious clubs on campuses. They won and got that. Now they are upset that the act is doing what its promoters said it was supposed to. They apparently only pretended it was for all students not just a religious privilege act, or they would not be objecting.

    • commented 2016-01-22 15:26:30 -0500
      Among the millions of concepts that people like Mr. Wimley, Mr. Johnathan & Ms. Maxwell don’t understand is that their spittle-flecked outrage provides vivid evidence and proof of the need for GSAs like the one they’re opposing.

    • commented 2016-01-22 12:41:56 -0500
      I’d rather my kids have a 1000 gay teachers than to spend 10 minutes with today’s ignorant, asinine, irrational, deviant, perversions of what is called “christian” today. When my kids make friends and want to sleepover I ask 2 things of the parents. Do you have a gun? Are you fundamentalist? A yes to either one negates the experience.

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