Sanders Outperforms Clinton Against Trump, Cruz, Rubio In First Battleground States


Bernie Sanders would perform better than Hillary Clinton in a general election matchup against top Republicans in the first two primary states.

Bernie Sanders may be more electable, at least in the first two battleground states of the presidential primary, than Hillary Clinton.

If likely voters in Iowa and New Hampshire were to go to the polls today, here's how the results would look, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll released today.

Bernie Sanders would massacre Donald Trump or Ted Cruz in Iowa and New Hampshire. Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump in both states, albeit by not as large a margin, and would beat Cruz in Iowa but she would lose to him in New Hampshire.

Sanders would tie or beat Marco Rubio, Clinton would lose to him in both states.

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Sanders beats Trump 51-38, a 13 point spread. Clinton beats Trump 48-40, an eight point spread.

Sanders beats Ted Cruz, 47-40. Cruz beats Clinton, 47-43.

Sanders ties with Marco Rubio 44-44. Rubio beats Clinton 47-42.

New Hampshire:

Sanders beats Trump 56-37, a huge 19 point difference. Clinton beats Trump 45-44, just a one point spread.

Sanders beats Cruz 55-36, again, a 19 point spread. Cruz beats Clinton, 48-44.

Sanders beats Rubio, 50-41, a nine point difference. Rubio beats Clinton 52-40, a 12 point difference. 


Image by Disney | ABC Television Group via Flickr and a CC license