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  • New Poll Puts Clinton And Sanders In A 'Toss Up' In Iowa, Within 'Margin Of Error In New Hampshire'

    Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are effectively tied in the nation's first two Democratic primaries.

    A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll released Sunday finds Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are extremely close in both Iowa and New Hampshire. The Iowa caucuses, the nation's first primary race, are February 1. The New Hampshire primary is February 9.

    In Iowa, Clinton is leading Sanders by just three points: 48-45, with Martin O'Malley holding what is now five percentage points, which are becoming increasingly valuable to the top two candidates, should he drop out and endorse either.

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    The tables are turned in New Hampshire, with Sanders leading Clinton by four points, 50-46. O'Malley takes just one percent of the vote. NBC News notes the top two candidates are "within the margin of error of plus-minus 4.8 percentage points."

    Watch Chuck Todd deliver the news on Sunday morning's "Meet The Press":


    Image: Screenshot via YouTube

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    • commented 2016-01-10 15:37:26 -0500
      Note to my fellow Bernie Sanders supporters: do NOT share the video embedded in the end of this article. You can find this same news from a source that isn’t America Rising PAC, which is a right wing propaganda source that are NOT our friends. They only exist to attack Democrats and Progressives, and they think Bernie is a “commie”.

      They are not above dirty tricks too, like editing the Wikipedia pages of opponents: GOP Opposition Research Firm Is Editing Democratic Politicians’ Wikipedia Pages

      Find this news from a better source and never share any content from ARP under any circumstances. They are nothing more than propagandists for the richest 1% and big corporations.

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