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Glowacki Family Tells Lies In New NOM Anti-Gay Hate Video



Howell, Michigan public high school student Daniel Glowacki gained notoriety when he disrupted teacher Jay McDowell’s Spirit Day presentation with anti-gay hate speech.

In a new anti-gay hate speech video, Glowacki and his anti-gay bigot mother appear, telling lies about the incident and about gay people generally.

The whole video is a lie, being as it is produced by NOM’s “Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance,” while the Glowacki incident had nothing to do with marriage. The appearance of the Glowackis — (whose hostility against Jay McDowell had nothing to do with marriage, but everything to do with his observance of Spirit Day) — in NOM’s video underscores that NOM, the National Organization For Marriage, is an anti-gay group, not exclusively devoted to strengthening marital relationships as its name might mislead people to believe. That the Glowackis have appeared in this video amplifies the impression that they are hostile gay bashers. They have allowed the so-called National Organization for Marriage to latch onto them as gay bashers, even though the Glowackis’ initial gay bashing had nothing to do with marriage. They are now abetting NOM’s Brian Brown’s begging for gay-bashing blood money. Brown’s letter accompanying the Glowacki video says that the same-sex movement is attacking “our children.”

Spirit Day has nothing to do with marriage, or with attacking children; the Glowackis are hateful for participating in the NOM video. Spirit Day received one of its initial raisons d’etre for being widely observed when Clint McCance, an Arkansas public school board vice-president, said on Facebook: “Seriously they want me to wear purple because five queers committed suicide. They only way I’m wearing it for them is if they all commit suicide.

Perhaps when he is more mature, Daniel Glowacki — if able to escape the anti-gay brainwashing that his mother inflicted on him — will reflect that he was incorrect — cruel even — to challenge his teacher Jay McDowell over McDowell’s observance of Spirit Day. If he is a decent human being, that absolutely is what he will do. Until he does that, though, he is more with Clint McCance than not: “The only way I’m wearing” a purple shirt “for them is if they all commit suicide.” Daniel did tell McDowell that his purple “Tyler’s Army” shirt offended him.

Perhaps, too, Sandra Glowacki will take a moment out from her bogus martyrdom to consider that each of the dead children commemorated in Spirit Day observations had a mother.

Glowacki’s anti-gay hate video is here.

At the 1:30 point, Glowacki lies about what teacher McDowell said to him.

Glowacki alleges: “He asked me if I was really against the homosexual lifestyle.”

A teacher leading his class in observance of Spirit Day does not use the hate-speech term “homosexual lifestyle.”

Yet, later in the video, Glowacki further alleges that McDowell said “He told me that if I didn’t support the homosexual lifestyle that I could leave his classroom.”

And Glowacki in this video appears to have fabricated an additional McDowell quote out of the thin air.  He twice alleges that McDowell said that students give up their free speech rights when they enter his classroom.  Yet, that allegation is not in Glowacki’s federal court pleading. Neither is the phrase “homosexual lifestyle.” The pleading does in one place allege that McDowell said something about “‘the gay lifestyle’ or words to that effect.” Do you see how underhanded they are being, even in the court pleading, which they have used to beg for donations from gay bashers? They put into McDowell’s mouth, a phrase he never used, and they put it between quotation marks — “gay lifestyle,” as though McDowell had used precisely those words — but then to cover themselves, they say “or words to that effect.”

In this video, Glowacki is portraying his anti-gay hostility in the classroom on Spirit Day in the most fallacious of manners. Surely the Glowackis’ attorneys — and NOM’s attorneys too — know the difference between direct quotes and paraphrases. One proof that they do, is that their pleading is notably free of direct quotes. They would not dare to tell the court that McDowell literally said that students give up their free speech rights when entering his classroom. There are student witnesses, after all. But, for the purposes of a gay-bashing, lies-filled NOM video, the Glowackis’ attorneys don’t mind if Daniel puts in McDowell’s mouth words that McDowell never uttered. Daniel Glowacki is lying in this video — deliberately misrepresenting what happened in Jay McDowell’s classroom — in order to make a strong appeal to other gay-bashing bigots. He would not get away with these lies under oath in a court. His Thomas More Law Center Attorneys, and NOM’s attorneys, know that, of course. The Thomas More Law Center, by the way, refers to itself as a “ministry.” They will not represent you if you are an out gay Jew. It is a “ministry” hostile to gay human beings. They fraudulently portray all Christians as being hostile to LGBTers. Look at the title of this Glowacki-related release on their site: “Courageous Christian Student Confronts Teacher’s Promotion of the National Homosexual Agenda.” In that release, Thomas More attorney Richard Thompson says that the Glowacki case “shows the pernicious way in which homosexual activists have turned our public schools into indoctrination centers, and are seeking to eradicate all religious and moral opposition to their agenda.” That statement comes from a place of hate-filled militant ignorance — and the anti-gay bigot who wrote it has no intention of ever making a good-faith effort to understand gay human beings as his equals — as is demonstrated by, for example, the fact that whole churches ordain out married gay and/or lesbian ministers. It is not, as Thompson claims, only “homosexual activists” who desire to see good strong acceptance values taught in the public schools.  The heterosexual dominated American Medical Association, for example, the heterosexual dominated American Psychiatric Association, for another example, and heterosexual dominated Reform Judaism, for yet another example favor the teaching of good strong acceptance values. McDowell was theming a single day’s class of his Economics course to Spirit Day, on Spirit Day, but from the way Thomas More attorneys, and the Glowackis themselves are carrying on, you would think that somebody had forced Daniel into an intimate homosexual act with a gun held to his head.

Daniel’s lying, gay-bashing words are — let us not forget — coming from somebody whose mother has filed a federal case against a public school. If under oath, Glowacki were to allege that McDowell had asked whether he supported “the homosexual lifestyle,” Glowacki would be perjuring himself.

Central to Glowacki’s spiel is that after McDowell had a student remove her Confederate Flag belt buckle, Glowacki asked McDowell why that student had to remove her Confederate Flag, while McDowell was able to continue wearing his purple “Tyler’s Army” t-shirt, which offended him. Glowacki of course was aware of many racist incidents in the Howell schools community involving the Confederate Flag as a symbol of white supremacy. Here, you can read a Howell resident’s statement that often in the town, swastikas were being added on top of Confederate Flag imagery, and that girls were placing Swarovski crystals on the Confederate Flag and swastika symbols. The writer says: “It is quite fashionable in Howell to have a swastika t-shirt worn with a nice confederate flag belt buckle.” The gist of Glowacki’s complaint is that he is as offended by Spirit Day and a “Tyler’s Army” t-shirt as others are by Confederate flags and swastiskas, and had a right to disrupt Howell’s Spirit Day presentation by carrying on about his rejection of “the homosexual lifestyle.” Remember; Glowacki introduced anti-gay hostility into the classroom on Spirit Day, by demanding to know from McDowell why a “Tyler’s Army” t-shirt — which offends him as a gay-bashing bigot — is acceptable, while a Confederate Flag is not.

Glowacki deserves a big fat F- for likening the Confederate Flag to a “Tyler’s Army” t-shirt in class on Spirit Day, in a community where white supremacists are wearing Confederate Flags and swastikas. Who knows? Maybe the Glowackis wax nostalgic over the Reichskonkordat.

Further on in the video, Daniel’s mother Sandra Glowacki tells lies about what openly gay Howell student Graeme Taylor said on Ellen DeGeneres’s show. She also vents in the video, about McDowell being restored to his classroom after an investigation of the allegations against him. “I was devastated,” says this woman who wants her son to be able to voice bullying non-acceptance of gay human beings in class on Spirit Day by likening a Confederate Flag to a “Tyler’s Army” t-shirt. She moreover complains about what one finds when Googling her name. The video at that point shows the opening sentence of the article “Gay Basher Sandy Glowacki’s Dirty Laundry.” That sentence reads: “Sandy Glowacki appears to be a maliciously anti-gay Catholic bigot raising her children to believe nasty, ignorance-fueled, bullying non-acceptance of gay human beings.”

I stand by that sentence, as being an accurate description of Glowacki’s anti-gay bigotry.  The woman is not a member of Catholics for Equality.

What Daniel Glowacki did in class on Spirit Day was as objectionable as would be a KKKer introducing anti-Jewish hostility on a Holocaust remembrance day.

The NOM video, by the way, has a screen capture of my open letter to Daniel Glowacki that appeared on the Anti-Gay Bigotry Scares Me blog.

Sandra Glowacki’s federal court complaint document is bursting at its seams with gay-bashing defamation. Here is a prior TNCRM article “Don’t Let Sandra Glowacki Get Away With Gay-Bashing Gays in Court.”

Another lie perpetrated in the NOM-Glowacki anti-gay hate video is that Spirit Day has nothing to do with teaching economics, as if no objective evaluation were possible of how anti-gay bigotry negatively impacts the economy. Whereas in reality, gay students sometimes get terrorized out of their public schools, and gay people out of their jobs, NOM is communicating the fraudulent idea that you can not possibly be discussing economics if you are discussing anti-gay bigotry and oppression.

At the 6:20 point in the video, NOM perpetrates another anti-gay lie. Note: NOM spokesperson Damian Goddard previously has falsely alleged that he was fired from his job as a Canadian sportscaster because he made a gay-bashing tweet. His former employer Sportsnet said that “the reasons for his termination are “well documented” and that the decision to fire him was made long before his tweet. Called on the carpet about his lie, Goddard said that it was “absolutely” possible that his tweet had nothing to do with his termination.

Goddard concludes by urging bigot viewers to report to a certain site “threats to their person, property or livelihood” related to their gay-bashing activities. That is rich, coming from Goddard, who lied about having been fired from Sportsnet because of his anti-gay tweet. And, every judge ever given to consider NOM’s allegations about equality supporters’ threats to their persons and property have ruled that NOM’s allegations are without merit.

NOM is packed full of dirty gay-bashing liars. Maggie Gallagher once rebuffed a gay rights supporter by saying “There’s no point in conversing with someone who calls you a liar,” but she has never responded to requests for comment on the article “The endless anti-gay lies of the National Organization for Marriage’s Maggie Gallagher.

So it is just par for the NOM course that they would incite Daniel Glowacki to lie by saying that teacher Jay McDowell asked him if “he supports the homosexual lifestyle.”

Be sure to read this TNCRM exclusive: “Official Complaint Filed Against Gay-Bashing Attorneys at Thomas More Law Center,” regarding the defamatory, gay-bashing language in Sandra Glowacki’s federal lawsuit.

New York City– based novelist and freelance writer Scott Rose’s LGBT– interest by– line has appeared on Advocate .com, PoliticusUSA .com, The New York Blade, Queerty .com, Girlfriends and in numerous additional venues. Among his other interests are the arts, boating and yachting, wine and food, travel, poker and dogs. His “Mr. David Cooper’s Happy Suicide” is about a New York City advertising executive assigned to a condom account.

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‘I Feel a Little Bit Dumber for What You Say’: The Nine Worst Moments of the GOP Presidential Debate



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He promised “a federal ban on transgender chemical or surgical surgery anywhere in the country,” and said: “We’ve got to protect our kids from this radical gender ideology agenda.”

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Senator Scott declared, “Black families survived slavery, we survived poll taxes and literacy tests, we survived discrimination being woven into the laws of our country. What was hard to survive was [President] Johnson’s Great Society, where they decided to take the Black father out of the household to get a check in the mail.”

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A shortened version of the video posted by the news organization Heartland Signal went viral, garnering nearly one million views in under three hours on the social media platform X.

“Mr. Chairman, question about the timing of all of this,” began an NBC News reporter identified by Mediaite as Ryan Nobles. “You’re talking about a two-tiered system of justice. If I’m not mistaken, on August 7, 2020 Bill Barr was the attorney general and Donald Trump was the president, so explain to me where the two-tiered system of justice comes into play. And then the WhatsApp message you have, I believe, is dated June 6, 2017. Joe Biden is not vice president or even a candidate for president at that time. So where is the direct connection to some sort of criminal malfeasance within these two pieces of evidence?”

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Chairman Smith could not only not answer any part of those questions, he appeared to forget a portion of them.

“Well, I think the facts speak for themselves,” Smith replied. “There’s over 700 pages of examples of, where people should be very concerned, when you’re talking about um, ah, – what was your first question?”

Smith went on to say, “It doesn’t matter who’s in the White House,” after being reminded them President at that time was Donald Trump. “We need to make sure that the Department of Justice works for all people and doesn’t treat those who are politically connected or wealthy much differently. And unfortunately, we have several examples that came forward by the two IRS whistleblowers, that proves that people are treated differently because they’re politically connected.”

“Are you suggesting that Joe Biden being the president now, is unfairly treating Donald Trump in his indictment?” Nobles asked.

Again, Smith did not answer the question.

“What I’m talking about is the 700 pages that we have before us, which is all the information that came from the IRS whistleblowers, and that’s what we’re releasing right now,” Smith replied, again not answering Nobles’ question. “And I’ll tell you, I would encourage everyone in this room to look at those 700 pages. If you think it’s okay, with what’s in it, then we live on two different planets.”

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“Can you explain the timing of the August 6 WhatsApp message? Why is that evidence of some wrongdoing?” Nobles continued..

“I’m not an expert on the timeline,” Smith admitted, before pivoting to say, “I would love to have President Biden and his family to tell us about all the timelines, because it’s really, really unfortunate that we see so many meetings and so many phone calls that involved around official activity that the Vice President has been participating in, and then big sums of money follows later –”

“But he’s not the president or the vice president at that time. Where, where’s the wrongdoing? He wasn’t even a candidate for president,” Nobles pointed out.

“He was a candidate – ” Smith claimed.

“On August 6 –” Nobles began before Smith interrupted him.

“So apparently apparent – what source are you with?” Chairman Smith asked Noble.

“I’m with NBC,” the reporter replied.

“So apparently, you’ll never believe us,” Smith charged.

“I’m asking you a very direct question,” Nobles explained. “You presented a piece of evidence that you say came on August 6, 2017, that demonstrates that Joe Biden was using political influence to help his son. He wasn’t a political figure at that time. The first WhatsApp message you put up, where yo talk about the brand,” Nobles explained. “I’m completely open minded about this. I’m asking you specifically, how does that demonstrate that there was some sort of political influence being put over him, if at that time, he is not a political – he’s not an elected official?”

“I’m definitely not going to pinpoint one item,” Chairman Smith said defensively.

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“You presented it!” Nobles acclaimed. “It was the first thing that you brought up.”

“So apparently, you don’t agree with that. So report that you disagree with it. I’ll take the next question. Yes?” Smith said, refusing to answer any of Nobles’ questions.

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