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  • WATCH: Texas GOP Lawmaker Allegedly Calls Trans Man A "Pervert" Over Hot Mic

    LGBT Advocates Say Sen. Joan Huffman Made The Remark During A Hearing On Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill 

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    LGBT advocates say a Republican state senator in Texas was caught on a hot mic calling a transgender man a "pervert" during a hearing on Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick's anti-trans bathroom bill last week. 

    Sen. Joan Huffman, who chairs the State Affairs Committee, allegedly made the remark Tuesday in response to testimony from Colt Keo-Meier, a clinical psychologist who runs the Transgender Health Lab at the University of Houston. Keo-Meier was one of hundreds of witnesses who testified against Senate Bill 6.

    A Democratic state senator asked Keo-Meier how he felt about comparisons between trans people and "perverts" made by some supporters of SB 6. 

    "You know, as a person of God, I have to say, 'Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do,'" Keo-Meier responded. "To tell someone that they are a pervert for telling you the truth about their life. Who's the perverted one in that case?" 

    "You are the pervert," Huffman allegedly muttered under her breath in response to Keo-Meier. 

    Huffman, who voted in favor of the bill, couldn't immediately be reached for comment. 

    HouEquality, an LGBT group originally formed to support Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance, posted a video of the exchange on YouTube (above), slowing down the audio and repeating it several times. Huffman's district includes heavily LGBT areas of the city. 

    "Use your own judgment to determine what you believe the Senator is saying," HouEquality wrote. 

    After 13 hours of testimony, the committee voted 8-1 to advance the bill, which is scheduled to be debated on the Senate floor this week. 

    Watch Keo-Meier's full testimony below. 




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    Become a patron of breaking LGBTQ news

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