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  • Watch Funny or Die's Hysterical 'North Carolina's Anti-Gay Tourism Commercial'

    Funny or Die Takes Gov. Pat McCrory and Anti-Gay Conservatives to Task for Making a Horrific Anti-LGBT Bill Law

    "Ah, North Carolina. Home of beaches, mountains, and an extremely homophobic governor." That's how Funny or Die's latest parody begins. The "tourism ad" does a great job of taking Tar Heel State conservatives – including GOP Gov. Pat McCrory – to task for creating a law, HB2, that voids all LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances nationwide.

    The "ad" entices you to experience North Carolina's "incredible ignorance" by "hang gliding backwards in time" and "racing to the wrong side of history in a kayak, teaching your children to judge others while frolicking in the waves, and enjoy our waterfalls without fear of gay people falling on you."

    "If you're grossed out when same-sex couples order wedding cakes, or if you're obsessed with who is in what bathroom, or if you think religious liberty laws only apply to your religion, North Carolina is for you."

    It goes on to "admit" that people in state are "resisting social progress rather than helping people in need."

    Watch above.



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    Image: Screenshot via Funny or Die
    Hat tip: The Advocate

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    • commented 2016-03-26 18:20:28 -0400
      As a resident of NC I am offering a fairly decent kidney to be able to leave.

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