• Source: North Carolina National Guard/Flickr
  • BREAKING: North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory to Sign Anti-LGBT Bill Immediately

    Sweepingly Broad Legislation Voiding All LGBT Nondiscrimination Ordinances About to Become Law 

    Republican North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory Wednesday night will sign a bill that was first debated just hours ago. HB2, a sweepingly broad bill that voids all local LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances statewide, is the direct response from Tar Heel State Republicans to an ordinance passed by the Charlotte City Council that expanded protections to LGBT citizens. Lawmakers agreed to hold a one-day special session to pass the legislation, which will now cost taxpayers $42,000.

    Amid claims of overreach, and lies the bill was designed to improve intra-state commerce, the North Carolina House passed the bill Wednesday afternoon, 83-25. The Senate just two hours later took up the legislation. Within 45 minutes, Democratic Senators staged a walkout, angered their attempts to debate the legislation and perhaps even reshape it were rebuffed by Republicans eager to pass it. With no Democrats voting, it passed unanimously minutes later, 32-0.

    The bill itself is broad. Not only does it void LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances throughout the state, it attacks transgender citizens by revoking their right to use public restrooms based on gender identity. It also mandates that only state lawmakers can pass laws regulating employment discrimination, the use of public accommodations, and minimum wages.

    UPDATE: North Carolina Gov. McCrory in Hot Seat as Apple, Google, NBA, Many Others Denounce Anti-LGBT Law

    Gov. McCrory had called for the anti-LGBT bill, and even threatened Charlotte before the City Council passed their ordinance. Lt. Gov. and Senate President Dan Forest, Senate President pro tempore Phil Berger, and House Speaker Tim Moore, all Republicans, drafted extremist legislation and pushed it through an all-too happy-to-appease state legislature, with GOP Rep. Dan Bishop taking credit for drafting the bill.

    Lawmakers were literally given five minutes to review the bill before debate began. There was no call for public comment, although lawmakers acquiesced, allowing 30 minutes in a House committee, and little more than an hour in a Senate committee.

    Lambda Legal attorney Eric Lesh tweeted the news:

    Local news station WRAL confirmed it: 

    By signing the legislation immediately, McCrory is likely hoping to remove any questions, and thus any spotlight from his state. 



    WATCH: North Carolina Attorney General Denounces Sweeping Anti-Gay Bill Lawmakers Currently Debating

    North Carolina Lawmakers To Ban All LGBT Nondiscrimination Ordinances In Response To Charlotte

    BREAKING: North Carolina General Assembly Passes Sweeping Anti-LGBT Bill


    Image by North Carolina National Guard via Flickr

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    • commented 2016-03-25 22:19:46 -0400
      Once again we see a cadre of bigoted, unethical Southern conservative legislators who regard discrimination and intolerance as a righteous cause, demonstrating an inability to learn from the mistakes of the past.

    • commented 2016-03-24 16:13:43 -0400

      So what u r saying is to keep your rights trans people should have to give up their right to identify as their true gender?
      Urinals would not be put in women’s bathrooms and they would not demand them either. Trans who identify as women would 1 not want to stand to pee because they r a women and women sit. And 2 they probably would have had the full surgery already so they would be unable to stand because they would no longer have a penis, they would have a vagina.
      Now let’s look at something else. By passing this law u r now going to have men in the women’s bathroom with u, your daughters, and grand daughters. Because by passing the law because a man who was born as a woman, but has had the full surgery is not able to use the men’s bathroom because the law says he was born a woman and must use the woman’s bathroom. So now u will have someone born a woman, who went through the full transition, probably has facial hair now, looks like a man, and also has a penis now in the woman’s bathroom because the law will not let that person use the men’s bathroom now. If anything, they would b the ones that would want a urinal in the women’s bathroom or some might even not lift the lid and pee on the seat that u would then have to wipe off to sit so u can pee.
      Also, this now says that a woman, born as a man has to use the woman’s bathroom because they were born a man. So now u have someone with long hair, who went through the full transition, had his penis cut open and inverted and now has a vagina, having to go into a men’s bathroom to goto the bathroom because they r phisically a woman now but where born a male. Now this opens it up for danger for them because a rapes might b in there too, see her come into the man’s bathroom and rape her.
      Also I see the police being called more to bathroom issues because u have a male using the women’s bathroom because he was born a female and a female using the male bathroom because she was born male. So someone in the bathroom calls the police. Then the trans person has to explain to the police why they r in there so they don’t get a ticket or get sent to jail.
      It is not being forced upon u as a woman as u put it because It affects all genders. Does the rights of a trans person not matter? Does a trans persons safety not matter? Do u realize that a woman can still be raped in a woman’s bathroom? This law does not stop that from happening. A man can still sneak into the woman’s bathroom and rape someone. This law is not going to stop that from happening. It is not like someone is standing outside the bathrooms to see if someone has a penis or not and then saying “I’m sorry u r a man and can not enter because u might rape someone.”

    • commented 2016-03-24 14:34:37 -0400
      I don’t have a problem w/ gays/lesbians/transgenders – I don’t care what they do as long as it doesn’t interfere w/ my life – but this bathroom sharing I am not comfortable w/ – I’m not going to argue or try to justify – I have my rights too & if someone was born w/ a penis I don’t care how they “identify” or what surgeries they’ve had – I don’t want to go into a bathroom w/ what is biologically a man & have him hike up.his dress & use the urinal that will no doubt be demanded as well – nor would I want my young daughters or granddaughters to have to either if they are uncomfortable with it as I am. I would prefer I guess 4 bathroom “types” – but that was rejected I believe? I just do not like this & this is being forced upon women whether we like it or not – & that is not any less of a right being trod upon as their rights – but mine do not matter i guess nowadays. And I am sure I will been called names & all that – but it has nothing to do w/ liking or disliking – as I said I don’t care one way or the other until it interferes w/ me which this does.

    • commented 2016-03-24 12:59:08 -0400
      Otto, they r not “just waiting” for something like this. It’s not like some sort of checkpoint was at every bathroom entrance preventing them from being able to enter or something. They can go in with or without the law in place.

      Think about it though. With the law in place. Their will be men in the women’s bathroom and women in the men’s bathroom for sure now. Because someone who is transferred and has had the full surgery will have to use the bathroom that corisponds with the gender they were born with. How r u going to react now walking into the bathroom and seeing a guy with a beard standing in there washing his hands because he was originally born female, (but now is male because of a full surgery but can not use the men’s bathroom because of the law). I see more problems now because of the law. Women calling police because they walk in and see a man in the bathroom. Or “perverted” men as u call them trying to rape a woman because she is in the men’s bathroom because she now can not use the women’s bathroom to b safe. And if she hasn’t gone through the full surgery that pervert trying to rape her could beat the cap out of her or worse when he finds out as he is trying to rape her.

    • commented 2016-03-24 11:21:17 -0400
      Otto: if a sex offender wants to violate a woman’s private space or worse they don’t go to the trouble of pretending to be trans. They simply invade. Because they are criminals. Instances of people dressing up in frocks or whatever and sneakily claiming female status just to sneak into restrooms to perv on you are negligible to zero. It’s dog whistle politics. The law does nothing more than make people transitioning or trans feel they have nowhere safe to go to the bathroom, which is all they want to do. And btw I’m a lesbian, too, a status which has zero to do with your argument.

    • commented 2016-03-24 07:22:58 -0400
      I’m a lesbian so its sad to see rights stripped away but that bill would have allowed convicted sex offenders to enter women’s private spaces just for saying they feel like women. Come on now that’s too far! Don’t act like pervs aren’t waiting for something like this to get more access to victims. And its not fear mongering its common sense.

    • commented 2016-03-24 05:24:33 -0400
      Will cost taxpayers $42000… Ya know, I bet if every pro-LGBT person in the state sued for that amount, they’d repeal it pretty quick.

    • commented 2016-03-24 04:16:39 -0400
      So if LGBT people will have no rights in North Carolina then they should not have to pay taxes there either. Why should they be forced to pay taxes to a state that does not care about the rights or safety of the LGBT community? I have never been to North Carolina and always wanted to visit the state. But now because of this I will not be visiting North Carolina. This also means I would not be spending my money as a tourist in the state. I also will not purchase products in stores or online that come from North Carolina. This is a sad day for the state of North Carolina.

    • commented 2016-03-24 03:35:15 -0400
      Once again, allowing for no public comment or even time for the elected representatives to tead the bill, the GOP shoved through legislation that swept away the rights of citizens whose religious beliefs aren’t bigoted enough to suit the Tea Party boys in Raleigh. In addition to sending us hurtling backwards on human rights, this bill also strips the cities of N.C..of any role in making their own decisions affecting their local economy, specifically about minimum wage. That, too, was rushed through without debate. What else will they take away if it suits them? We can’t afford to find out. Enough of this crap!

    • commented 2016-03-23 23:43:46 -0400
      LGBT, boycott visiting NC

    • commented 2016-03-23 22:44:15 -0400
      Please sign & share a petition to ask Apple, who has a huge business presence in the state and has been an outspoken supporter of LGBT rights in the past, to speak out against this law and threaten to relocate: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/apple-stand-up-against

      The public statements by Disney/Marvel re: Georgia had a major impact

    • commented 2016-03-23 22:28:15 -0400
      What a scumbag. Grow a pair you old coward.

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