• Source: Roy Cooper/YouTube
  • WATCH: North Carolina Attorney General Denounces Sweeping Anti-Gay Bill Lawmakers Currently Debating

    Bill Will Void All Local Discrimination Protections for LGBT People

    The Attorney General of North Carolina on Wednesday denounced an anti-gay bill lawmakers in the General Assembly are currently debating. The bill will void all local nondiscrimination ordinances. It will also mandate that all public accommodations ordinances, all minimum wage ordinances, and all employment discrimination ordinances come only from the General Assembly – state lawmakers – effectively banning any localities from protecting citizens in any of these areas.

    "North Carolina is better than this," state Attorney General Roy Cooper says in a video posted today. "Discrimination is wrong, period. That North Carolina is putting discrimination into the law is shameful. Not only will this hurt North Carolina families, but it hurts our economy as well."

    Cooper, a Democrat, also points to Indiana's horrific anti-LGBT "religious liberty" law that drew international scorn, reminding citizens that "businesses left the state, or thought twice about bringing in new jobs. And millions of dollars of revenue was lost."

    The Attorney General, who is running to unseat North Carolina's Republican governor, takes the opportunity to take a swipe at Gov. Pat McCrory. He says the first-tem governor "got us started down this path by promising political action for political gain. Now the Legislature is taking unprecedented action that will threaten our economy."

    "The governor lit the match and stood aside, while the fire grew out of control," Cooper observes.



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    Image: Screenshot via Roy Cooper/YouTube

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    • commented 2016-03-24 04:54:18 -0400
      Being gay has been like that for most of my adult life and all through growing up.

      Maybe people will learn all the way around what terrorism is, and the type of person capable of supporting it.

      (100% of the time “religious” ultra conservatives, where ever they lurk, interestingly enough. That’s no coincidence)

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