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  • North Carolina Lawmakers To Ban All LGBT Nondiscrimination Ordinances In Response To Charlotte

    Republicans Holding Special Session Today to Pass Sweeping Anti-Gay Legislation

    Led by Republican House Speaker Tim Moore (photo), and Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, the president of the Senate, lawmakers in the North Carolina General Assembly will meet today to pass a bill that will ban all LGBT protection ordinances throughout the state. The unprecedented move is a direct response to the Charlotte City Council's lawful passage of an LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance last month. That law, which would have gone into effect April 1, riled conservatives by allowing transgender residents to use public restrooms that correspond to their gender identity.

    The proposed bill is broad. Not only does it void LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances throughout the state, it attacks transgender citizens by revoking their right to use public restrooms based on gender identity. It also mandates that only the General Assembly is allowed to regulate public accommodations, such as restrooms.

    WATCH: Benham Brothers Headline Protest Calling For Special Legislative Session To Kill Charlotte NDO

    But it goes even further, mandating that only the General Assembly can regulate employment discrimination ordinances – another assault directed at LGBT citizens. 

    The bill is entitled, “An Act to Provide for Single Sex Multiple Occupancy Bathroom and Changing Facilities in Schools and Public Agencies and to Create Statewide Consistency in Regulation of Employment and Public Accommodations.” According to WNCN, it will require "that multi-occupancy bathrooms be limited to just one gender, using anatomy and birth certificates as a guide."

    It "allows school districts to use single occupancy bathrooms to make accommodations for students in special circumstances," but it's unclear what those special circumstances are.

    Republican Gov. Pat McCrory, who threatened "immediate state legislative intervention" if Charlotte passed a nondiscrimination bill, is expected to sign the legislation.

    Today's special session will cost taxpayers $42,000.

    If the move by Republican lawmakers sounds patriarchal, it is. It violates the civil rights of North Carolina's LGBT citizens, but it also violates the rights of local cities and towns to create laws to protect their citizens. And, it violates the will of the people, who, according to polls, don't believe lawmakers should pass the bill.

    "Only 25% of voters in the state think the General Assembly should override Charlotte's recently passed anti-discrimination ordinance, compared to 51% who think Charlotte should have the right to pass its own laws without interference from on high," Public Policy Polling reports. "There's actually bipartisan consensus on the issue with Democrats (58/17), independents (48/21), and Republicans (45/38) alike believing Charlotte's new law should be left alone by the General Assembly."

    Equality North Carolina posted this tweet:


    Listen Live Now: North Carolina Lawmakers Vote on Bill to Void All LGBT Nondiscrimination Ordinances


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    Image: Screenshot via Carolina Business Review/YouTube

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    • commented 2016-03-24 22:00:19 -0400
      Governor McCrory is neck deep in crony capitalist pay-to-play scandals, awarding his buddies contracts while letting Duke Energy off the hook for coal ash pollution. House Speaker Tim Moore decided he didn’t need to follow the campaign finance reform laws he co-sponsored, using campaign funds to pay himself rent and splurging at Raleigh’s finest steak houses. Senator Berger just wants attention now that Junior was appointed to a
      state administrative judge position. Failed Senate candidate Reverend Harris sees a chance to fleece his flock. Since burning synagogues and lynching blacks doesn’t win elections anymore, the LGBT are the new threat to fear. Crooked politicians and false
      prophets will protect little girls in the bathroom from the hordes of rapists dressed as women who’ve been waiting to legally enter women’s bathrooms so they won’t be charged with a misdemeanor when they commit a felony. Coal ash pollution is okay since cancer research money can be funneled to Big Medicine campaign donors. It’s a power grab by a political machine as corrupt as Boss Tweed’s Tammany Hall. Voting districts were gerrymandered to squash opposition. Cities no longer have a voice. All power is consolidated to the state. The bill was withheld from reading until one hour before the vote. Substitute LGBT for Jews and you’ll see it is the same tactics the Nazis employed to gain control of Germany. North Carolina is now a banana republic. The elite get a piece of pie to live comfortably
      on until they die and leave nothing for future generations. Follow the money to find the

    • commented 2016-03-23 18:37:15 -0400
      Ok..I don’t what a person’s “gender feelings” are. Bottom line….if you still have a penis, stay out of the women’s facilities, and same goes for women until you have the surgical procedures to change your plumbing, and STOP trying to cause issues that should’ve never been bright to light, but then again, our country and individual States are obviously ran by morons to even consider this.

    • commented 2016-03-23 16:23:30 -0400
      “If we don’t pass ‘laws’ that make LGBTs as miserable as possible, God won’t like me anymore and I get ripped-off of those VIP seats in Heaven that God promised me (in no one’s Bible/ Torah/ Q’uran)!…”


      With a straight face, they are trying to pass “laws” based on THIS?

      Are they HIGH?!?!

    • commented 2016-03-23 11:15:59 -0400
      Do these hateful people have segregated bathrooms in their homes? And who is it that we see in the news molesting children? “Pastors”, religious zealots, “youth ministers”.

      When are these morons who vote for these hateful takers going to figure out that only pedophiles are pedophiles? They like children and whether they like children of the same sex or opposite sex is irrelevant.

    • commented 2016-03-23 10:15:54 -0400
      The republican party is so vile and hateful toward the LGBT community. It’s time to start voting these jerks out of office. I cannot implore the LGBT community enough to get out and vote in the coming election. Your equality and quality of life depends on it. Don’t let these republican jackasses decide to keep you as second class citizens. Too many LGBT people think because we were victorious with marriage equality that we have won the fight, but is far from over as long as we allow republicans to legislate laws discriminating against us.

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