• Source: NY Daily News/Twitter
  • NY Daily News Front Page Slams '5th Grader' Donald Trump: 'Nation Is Doomed'

    New York Tabloid Again Takes On New York Billionaire

    The New York Daily News Tuesday morning published its cover story with a front page that asks if New Hampshire is "smarter than THIS 5th-grader," Donald Trump. Below, it slams The Donald for calling Ted Cruz a "pussy" in public, which the GOP presidential candidate indeed did last night.

    WATCH: Woman Calls Ted Cruz A 'Pussy' So Donald Trump Repeats It Onstage (Video)

    "Our nation is doomed," the Daily News also warns New Hampshire, which holds its presidential primary today, "if clown who calls opponent a 'pussy' in public wins primary."

    On Twitter, stunningly, some are defending Trump, because, they claim, he was merely "quoting" what his supporter said: 



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