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  • 'Sounds Of Sodomy': Ireland Explodes In Laughter Over Anti-Gay Christian Campaign

    Tweeters in Ireland are hysterically laughing over an anti-gay group's pamphlet that warns of the "Sounds Of Sodomy."

    "Should children be exposed to sounds of sodomy?"

    "Should children be exposed to this beastly obsession with unholy acts?"

    "Should the sounds of sodomy echo in the halls of a Christian home?"

    Those questions, and presumably others, are part of a Christian group's campaign to derail same-sex marriage in Ireland, on which voters will decide in May. They are included in a pamphlet being handed out, reportedly to much laughter across the Emerald Isle.

    "At this very moment the liberal agenda conspires to undermine God’s Word and is drafting law to allow homosexuals to adopt children," the leaflet warns, urging voters to contact their representatives.

    While it's unknown which Christian group produced the anti-gay propaganda, equality supporters were quick to mock it on social media so much so that it trended in Ireland.

    Some advocates for equal marriage even took to Photoshop, posting their responses against the anti-gay lunacy: 


    Image via Twitter
    Hat tip: Daily Edge


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    • commented 2015-01-12 18:36:37 -0500
      I can attest that the walls in Irish housing estates are so thin that when all the blokes come home blootered at 2 AM on a Friday pay night, you can hear ma and da and the neighbors on both sides shagging all at the same time. Unless you’re lucky enough middle class to live in semi-detached, in which case it’s just your ma and da and only the neighbors if their windows are open.

      So my question is this, Ireland…what exactly is more sinful about two men making love who probably don’t drink at all if they are middle class enough to have child custody, versus a bunch of shagging drunkards in a skanger estate who are just as likely to forget shagging their wife as they are to forget punching her?


    • commented 2015-01-08 00:43:15 -0500

    • commented 2015-01-07 03:56:43 -0500

    • commented 2015-01-06 19:04:27 -0500
      It is an anti-gay or anti-catholic ad?

    • commented 2015-01-06 16:56:01 -0500
      Hello bunghole my old friend…..
      I’ve come to play with you again….
      When a catholic priest came creeping…
      With his penis that was seeping…
      Holy water was flying everywhere,
      It’s in my hair…
      Left me with the sounds….of sodomy…

    • commented 2015-01-06 10:56:16 -0500
      The courts would throw out any Sodomy charges, Timothy, since those laws were invalidated by the Supreme Court long ago via Lawrence v Texas.

    • commented 2015-01-06 09:14:30 -0500
      What about the “Sounds of Pedophilia” from the Roman Catholic Rectory?

    • commented 2015-01-05 20:36:13 -0500
      What I find funny is that at least in the States, there are many states whose laws actually state that all sodomy is illegal, but you just try and find actual straight sodomy convictions. There have been cases that got to court, again in States where there are minimum penalties, where the charges are admitted to, and the judge just throws it out. Those damned activist judges.

    • commented 2015-01-05 20:05:13 -0500
      This Christian group must be from the church that the Roman Emperor Constantine I created in 325 CE at his Council of Nicaea, as the Jesus of the New Testament gospels does not mention sex (definitely not homosexuality) anywhere, but he did address issues such as prejudgment (Matthew 7:1) and how a person was to treat other people (Mark 12:31). Obviously this Christian group has never read their bible, never met their Jesus and have not a clue as to what a good christian really is. These parasites most likely have been defending their pedophile clergy (and bishop) and needed more ammunition.

    • commented 2015-01-05 19:37:12 -0500
      The Hills Are Alive With The Sounds Of Sodomy.

    • commented 2015-01-05 18:34:19 -0500
      This is so offensive. Sodomy isn’t an exclusively gay sex act, and I resent this leaflets implication that it is. I will however concede to the argument that when a straight couple engages in sodomy, it pretty much sounds the same as straight sex, just with different verbs plugged into the typical phrases.

    • commented 2015-01-05 18:32:17 -0500
      Oops.. David Ppl who tweet are ‘Tweeps’ not tweeters.

    • commented 2015-01-05 16:09:26 -0500
      Simon and Garfunkel play the Continental Baths….

    • commented 2015-01-05 15:41:53 -0500
      How about the sounds of their straight parents grunting away with the headboard banging against the wall. Is that better?

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