WATCH: ‘Very Honest Guy’ Donald Trump Reneges On Signed Pledge To Support GOP Nominee


GOP Frontrunner Announces He'll 'See Who' GOP Nominee Is Before Deciding if He Will Keep His Word

Donald Trump Tuesday night made clear his signed pledge to support the GOP nominee for president is effectively worthless. The GOP frontrunner told CNN's Anderson Cooper that he will now have to wait to see who the nominee is before deciding if he can support them – assuming the nominee isn't Donald Trump.

“I’ll see who it is,” he said during a CNN townhall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “I’m not looking to hurt anybody. I love the Republican Party.”

"I'm a very honorable guy and I'm a very honest guy," Trump continued, accusing Cruz of past dirty tricks.

But apparently the fact that his word – and a signed document – are worthless, are inconsequential to the Manhattan billionaire, because he's also releasing his opponents from their pledges too.

Trump said he could see that when Ted Cruz was asked if he will support the GOP nominee, he "was having a hard time" with the question. "I don’t want him to be tormented. I want him to be comfortable. I don’t need his support," Trump insisted, adding, "I don’t want his support."

During the very first GOP debate of this election cycle, only Trump said he wasn't sure he could support a GOP nominee who was not himself. That led Republican Party Chair Reince Priebus to meet with Trump on Sept. 3, convincing him to sign an actual pledge, which Trump is now ignoring:

Cruz Tuesday night repeated the same statement he made last week, saying that he draws the line at a candidate who attack his wife and family. Trump has not attacked Cruz's children, but he has attacked the Texas Senator's wife.

“I’m not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and attacks my family,” he told Cooper. “That is going beyond the line. I think that our wife and kids should be off limits. They don’t belong in the attacks.”


Image: Screenshot via CNN Politics/Twitter
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