Twitter Explodes In Hysterics As Professional Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum Quits Race Again


Former Senator And Two-Time Presidential Candidate Hasn't Won An Election In 15 Years

Rick Santorum tonight will make two major announcements. The former Pennsylvania Senator who lost his 2006 campaign by a historic margin and then actually ran for president in 2012, and again this year, is pulling out of the race for the White House.

Amid wild speculation, the far-right wing evangelical theocratic Republican tonight is also expected to announce an endorsement of another GOP candidate.

"When asked about a possible endorsement," CNN's Dana Bash reports, "Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said he hasn't spoken to the former Pennsylvania senator on Wednesday." 

"I think he's fantastic," Rubio told Bash.

Since the Iowa Caucuses, Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul have also dropped out.

UPDATE: Rick Santorum Endorses 'Born Leader' Marco Rubio

Upon hearing the news, which broke at about 2:00 PM EST, Twitter exploded in hysterics: 

For those who hadn't seen, this is why Santorum got no votes in Iowa: 

Here's how Twitter responded in May when Santorum announced he was running, again: 

Rick Santorum Officially Announces Presidential Run – Twitter Responds



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