Oregon Domestic Terrorists Now Calling Themselves ‘Citizens For Constitutional Freedom’ (Video)


Oregon "militiamen" say they are trying to defend the Constitution.

Ammon Bundy, the head of the group of so-called militia "patriots" that on Saturday took over and are now occupying a federal building, has announced his group would like to be called Citizens For Constitutional Freedom. 

“Our purpose, as we have shown, is to restore and defend the Constitution,” Bundy claimed in a press conference that just ended, and added that they “feel like it’s time to make a stand to protect our human rights.”

Bundy also announced he has a "redress of grievances," and says the group's work is in support of two local Oregon ranchers who today are headed off to jail after burning federal lands. The ranchers, the Hammonds, have made clear they want nothing to do with the Bundy militiamen.

“Our purpose is to restore and defend the constitution," Ammon Bundy told reporters. "We love our country and we love our people in it."

That redress of grievances, which they claim is a legal document was signed by more than a dozen militia groups. They claim tens of thousands of people across all 50 states have signed the document. They are demanding an "independent evidentiary hearing board" to examine the Hammond's case.

Bundy claims that federal agents attacked the Hammond family after refusing to sell their ranch to the federal government. 

“Because of that refusal to sell their ranch, these federal agencies began an attack on this family.”

He says that they feel they "have exhausted all prudent measures and have been ignored," but made no mention of any lawsuit they might have filed.

Meanwhile, many are calling the militia group occupying the federal building domestic terrorists.



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Image: Screenshot via NBC News