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‘Actual Incitement’: Former DOJ Official Warns on Trump’s Latest Post



A former top U.S. Dept. of Justice official issued a warning on one of Donald Trump’s latest social media posts, saying it is an “actual incitement to break the law,” and “it greatly endangers” the judge and attorney general in his New York State civil business fraud case.

On his Truth Social platform, Trump reposted another user’s post that reads, in all-caps: “My fantasy,” and then: “I would like to see Lititia [sic] James and Judge Engoron placed under citizens arrest for blatant election interference and harassment.”

Harry Litman, who also served as a U.S. Attorney, and teaches law, wrote Tuesday morning: “Sometimes [Trump] says incendiary things that his followers act on, as in ‘will be wild.’ This is an actual incitement to break the law and it greatly endangers the judge and AG.”

Citing MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin, MSNBC executive producer Kyle Griffin added: “New York law only allows for a citizen’s arrest when a person has ‘in fact’ committed a felony in the presence of that citizen.”

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The Messenger’s senior legal correspondent, Adam Klasfeld, commenting on the post wrote:

“1) Engoron said his ‘chambers have been inundated with hundreds of harassing and threatening phone calls, voicemails, emails, letters and packages’ since trial began. 2) His gag order currently doesn’t prevent Trump from attacking him anyway.”

Attorney Jonathan Turley declares the call for a citizen’s arrest, “a dangerous (and uninformed) suggestion that some could easily take seriously. That is particularly the case after the reckless attacks of Trump on critics as ‘vermin‘ and pledging to go after them if reelected.”

“Just in case anyone is taking such a statement as more than a fantasy,” Turley adds, “there is no basis for a citizen’s arrest and such an effort to physically hold either the judge or the attorney general would most certainly constitute a criminal act.”

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Nikki Haley Just Laid the Groundwork to Endorse Donald Trump



Down in the polls by double digits, former Trump UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, who recently took off the kid gloves and has been battering her Republican opponent Donald Trump, just laid the groundwork to endorse the man she calls “unstable and unhinged,” by labeling President Joe Biden “more dangerous.”

“I think what’s really important is to know that the majority of Americans dislike Donald Trump and Joe Biden,” Haley told NPR’s Steve Inskeep in remarks that aired Thursday (audio below). “So we think that there needs to be an alternative.”

“While critical of both men — who she called ‘too old’ to be president — she said ‘Biden is more dangerous’ due to his management of immigration and the economy,” NPR reports. “Haley hinted that, if Biden and Trump were to face a rematch, she would back Trump if he wins the Republican presidential nomination.”

Trump, despite facing 91 criminal felony charges and civil judgments totaling possibly more than a half-billion dollars (including accruing interest,) is beating Haley, the former South Carolina governor. FiveThirtyEight‘s national polling average puts Trump at 77.7% and Haley at 16.4%. Even in her home state, Donald Trump is trouncing Nikki Haley, 63% to 35% in one recent poll, and 63% to 34% in another.

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Haley did beat the one-term twice-impeached four-times indicted ex-president in January fundraising, a feat some strategists say will allow her to stay in the race longer.

Haley is going directly after Trump, and “launched her sharpest attack yet Tuesday, describing him as getting ‘more unstable and unhinged,'” AFP reported.

“He’s getting meaner and more offensive by the day,” she added. “He’s completely distracted, and everything is about him. He’s so obsessed with his demons in the past that he can’t focus on the future Americans deserve.”

She did not stop there.

“It’s not normal to spend $50 million dollars in campaign contributions on personal court cases,” Haley told supporters. “It’s not normal to threaten people who back your opponent, and it’s not normal to call on Russia to invade NATO countries.”

And yet, despite promising her base she will stay in the race even after South Carolina, and despite attacking Trump, Haley is now paving the way to endorse her former boss.

“I have a lot of concerns about Trump regaining the presidency. I have even more concerns about Joe Biden being president. I mean, you look at both of these men and all they have done is given us chaos, all they have given us is division,” Haley told NPR.  “We need to starting bringing normalcy back to America and that’s why I think we need to have a new generational leader that focuses on the solutions of the future instead of all the issues of the past.”

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Haley “compared the ex-president to a ‘bully,’ and stressed that he failed to obtain significant portions of the electorate in Iowa and New Hampshire.

“People don’t like when he goes off the teleprompter and says crazy things like he’d rather take Putin’s side over our allies,” she said. “People don’t like it when he mocks the military. People don’t like it when he calls people names.”

Some think an endorsement from Haley for Donald Trump won’t come.

“Haley endorsing Trump would be career ending for her. MAGA will never support her now. You can’t staddle this. You are either Trump or Never Trump. There is no middle ground between Liz Cheney and Donald Trump,” says former Washington State lawmaker and former state GOP chair Chris Vance, who opposes Donald Trump and describes himself as “a politically homeless Never Trump Conservative.”

Listen to Haley’s remarks to NPR below or at this link.

Image: Haley and Trump in 2020.

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Smirnov Scandal: Experts Call for Investigations, Warn GOP of Possible Conspiracy Charges



Legal and national security experts including former prosecutors are calling for the U.S. Dept. of Justice and the U.S. Senate to conduct investigations into the Alexander Smirnov scandal to determine how a trusted FBI informant was able to allegedly plant false Kremlin propaganda attacking Joe Biden and Hunter Biden into the Republican House of Representatives in an effort to take down the President of the United States.

Other legal experts are warning House Republicans if they continue to assert what Special Counsel David Weiss stated in a court document are false claims, including that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden each took $5 million bribes, they could be subject to conspiracy charges.

The top three Republicans being mentioned are House Oversight Committee Chair Jim Comer, House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan, and U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley.

The U.S. Dept. of Justice “must investigate whether and when Grassley, Comer or Jordan knew that Smirnov was spreading Russian disinformation,” declared U.S. Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY), a former Assistant U.S. Attorney who prosecuted mobsters and Russian organized crime. “But now that it’s public, Comer and Jordan clearly will be conspiring with Putin to interfere in the election if they continue with this bogus impeachment.”

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“The Comer/Jordan impeachment sham appears to have been a Russian intelligence operation from the start,” says Goldman, who also served as a lead counsel during the first House impeachment and Senate trial of Donald Trump. “The only remaining question is whether Rs were witting or unwitting agents of Putin in their desperate quest to get Trump reelected. Will the GOP continue to work for Putin?”

MSNBC/NBC News legal analyst Glenn Kirschner, a former federal prosecutor for three decades, on Wednesday night warned Republicans.

“I think the big question now is, what will the Republican members of Congress do now that they know that these are lies that they have been peddling as ably-assisted by Fox News? Will they continue to peddle those lies?” he told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, “I heard Congressman Daniel Goldman on this network earlier this evening, saying something that I am in agreement with. He said that if members of Congress now continue to peddle knowing lies that are a product of Russian propaganda and disinformation, they should be criminally investigated for being part and parcel of a conspiracy to defraud the United States and to interfere in our elections.”

Meanwhile,  Tristan Snell, the former New York State prosecutor who led the successful investigation and $25 million prosecution of Donald Trump’s “Trump University,” is calling for the U.S. Senate to start an investigation.

“The Senate should open an immediate investigation into the Alexander Smirnov scandal — with public hearings. Bring Smirnov in to testify. And then bring Jim Jordan, James Comer, and Elise Stefanik in right behind him. This is a national security breach of the HIGHEST order.”

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Snell is also calling for subpoenas to be issued for Republicans Jim Jordan, Ron Johnson, Jim Comer, Elise Stefanik, and Chuck Grassley.

“And subpoena their government emails, private emails, texts, and phone records pertaining to Alexander Smirnov in any way,” he adds. “DOJ must MOVE — IMMEDIATELY.”

On Tuesday Snell had said: “Alexander Smirnov is just the tip of a much larger and dirtier iceberg — of Putin’s continued attempts to overthrow America from within. We must DEMAND that DOJ and the intelligence agencies follow this investigation wherever it leads. Go all in with a full investigation. NOW.”

National security expert Denver Riggleman, the former Republican U.S. Congressman who later worked as an advisor to the U.S. House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack, is also calling for a investigation.

“There should be an investigation into all sources and data used in the Hunter Biden ‘laptop and data’ Oversight committee hearings,” he wrote on X. “This should also include link/relationship maps to all ‘source’ meetings between GOP congressional representatives and confirmed or assumed foreign assets. The report on sourcing and provenance should be made available to the public.”

Watch Congressman Goldman’s remarks to CNN below or at this link.

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Experts Ask if Trump Disclosed Classified Intel After Nuclear Weapons Talk at Town Hall



Donald Trump’s remarks during Wednesday night’s Fox News town hall in Greenville, South Carolina drew concern from several experts who are wondering if he once again revealed U.S. government classified information or was merely attempting to scare Americans into voting for him.

The 34-second exchange moved quickly from talk of religion and prayer to possible nuclear annihilation.

“I mean if you don’t mind me asking,” host Laura Ingraham began (video below), “because I know this is a very faith-filled audience here and I know there are people across the globe [who] pray for you and your safety – they’re worried about your safety.”

Trump sat up in his chair, pulled his jacket around him, and replied, “No, they are.”

“And they, do you feel that? Do you feel the power of that?” Ingraham asked as the audience applauded.

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“I do, but can I be honest?” Trump replied. “I worry about their safety too. These people, everybody in this room is in great danger right now. We have a nuclear weapon that if you hit New York, South Carolina is going to be gone too. I worry about their safety. I think it’s the reason I’m doing this.”

If he did reveal classified information, it would be far from the first time. Trump’s sharing of classified information was so extensive that in a likely unprecedented move, President Joe Biden, citing Trump’s “erratic behavior,” barred the ex-president from receiving intelligence briefings, which former presidents generally receive.

In 2022, The New York Times detailed several of Trump’s concerning classified information sharing during his time as President, including his infamous early visit with top Russian officials inside the Oval Office, with no other American officials present in the room.

“Did the former President just unlawfully disclose classified information? Or just simply make something up to scare South Carolina residents to vote for him?” asked national security attorney Mark Zaid, who also works to aid whistleblowers. “I’m not aware of any acknowledged nuclear weapon that has that type of impact radius.”

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Zaid also noted that “even as a sitting President he couldn’t declassify all information related to nuclear capabilities unless authorized by Secretary of Energy (or their designee) pursuant to Atomic Energy Act, which controls Restricted Data.”

Attorney Brad Moss, who also specialized in national security law and is a partner at Zaid’s law firm, asked: “Is Trump out there spilling the details on our nuclear weapons and the destructive range of those weapons in the midst of a Fox interview? Is it me or is he doing that?”

Later, Moss lamented that the news media had not jumped on “the former president potentially revealing classified information about our nuclear weapons arsenal on live TV.”

Watch Trump’s remarks below or at this link.


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