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QAnon Cultist Businessman Goes on Newsmax to Say ‘Trump Is President’ and JFK Jr. Is His Veep



Far right wing cable channel Newsmax TV hosted a QAnon conspiracy theorist Monday night who told viewers Donald Trump is still president and his vice president is John F. Kennedy, Jr., who died in a tragic plane accident in 1999 at the age of 38.

JFK, Jr. being alive is one of the QAnon cult’s beliefs.

Newsmax introduced its guest as “a Minnesota business owner who refused to take down a massive, massive Trump 2020 flag that violated his city’s ordinance,” as Media Matters reports. The cable channel is owned by former President Donald Trump’s longtime friend Chris Ruddy.

“Jay Johnson is facing increased fines and says not even jail time can stop him from flying this huge flag over his construction business,” Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt said. “Just this weekend, he doubled down, put up an even bigger flag. This one is 40 by 60 [feet]. It is 900 square feet bigger than his previous flag. So this thing’s like 3,600 square feet. It is huge. The size of the footprint of a house. He’s also flying it proudly in the small city of Buffalo, Minnesota, which is, I guess, is technically a blue state which makes it even funnier.”

The flag, Schmitt noted, “has the names Trump and JFK Jr. on it, is that right? With the slogan ‘where we go one we go all.’ Explain this flag.”

“Well,” Johnson replied, “Trump, to me, is the lone ranger and the lone ranger needs a guy by his side, and that’s JFK. And, so, I decided to put it up and leave the people — think about what’s going on.”

“Well, JFK and Donald Trump were friends,” Johnson claims (which is debatable.) “And, I don’t know if you know this, but Donald Trump is president and Donald Trump needs a vice president. So when the time was right, I bring him out. And he’s your new vice president.”

The phrase “where we go one we go all,” is a QAnon conspiracy motto, one popularized by former Trump national security advisor Mike Flynn in an oath he took on camera.



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New Report Reveals the Strange Story of an Ex-CIA Officer Who Hunted Bin Laden Turning to QAnon



During his 22 years in the Central Intelligence Agency, Michael F. Scheuer became known for the time he spent tracking Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. But Scheuer left the CIA in 2004, and these days, he is best known for his violent rhetoric and fondness for far-right conspiracy theories. Journalist Spencer Ackerman wrote an in-depth article chronicling the story for the Daily Beast this week.

Ackerman, who specializes in national security issues, describes Scheuer’s journey from CIA agent to conspiracy theorist — noting that these days, the blogger’s activities including praising the QAnon cult and applauding vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse. And these days, according to Ackerman, Scheuer isn’t shy about calling for violence against fellow U.S. citizens.

“The former senior CIA official once in charge of the hunt for Osama bin Laden has spent the summer calling for the slaughter of his fellow Americans,” Ackerman explains. “Michael Scheuer calls Black Lives Matter a ‘terrorist organization’ and a ‘semi-human mob.’ On his blog and his podcast, Scheuer rages against a widespread, treasonous conspiracy targeting not only President Trump, but the fundamental character of the American republic. It deserves ‘punishment…. we’ve not seen before in this country.’”

Ackerman notes that Scheuer has exalted Rittenhouse — who is facing murder charges for allegedly shooting two demonstrators at a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin — as a “young hero” and recently wrote, “Rittenhouse’s necessary, patriotic and constitutional actions will power the formation of militias across the United States.” Scheuer has described George Floyd, whose brutal killing at the hands of Minneapolis police officers on May 25 set off anti-racism protests around the world, as “felonious scum.”

“Scheuer’s advocacy of violence follows a long trajectory,” Ackerman explains. “In December, he endorsed the increasingly violent QAnon conspiracy movement, which the FBI has called a potential wellspring of domestic terrorism.”

In July, Scheuer said that if a civil war occurred in the U.S., the “only thing” he “would be upset about” is “that not enough Democrats would get killed.”

“Counterterrorism experts have long since written Scheuer off as a crank,” Ackerman observes. “Yet Scheuer’s advocacy of political violence looks disturbingly like a harbinger. Trump’s one-time consigliere, Roger Stone, urged Trump to declare martial law and jail his critics if he loses the November election.”

Glenn Carle, a retired CIA operations officer who knew Scheuer’s co-workers, told the Beast, “He’s always been an extremist. That’s a psychological characteristic, not a political attribute of his. Clearly and without exception, he’s derogatory to the point of being grotesque in his unfairness toward any political figure who shows any temperance.”

Carle also said of Scheuer, “In times of stress, unconsciously, we’re tribal and visceral. This is happening in American society in a larger sense, and it’s what’s going on with Scheuer.”


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‘Cult Is Strong’: Internet Mocks Impeachment Hearings Protestor Screaming ‘Trump Is Innocent!’ as ‘Next Press Secretary’



Monday morning’s House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearings were kicked off with screaming from an out-of-control protestor yelling. ““We know who committed the crimes, and it wasn’t TrumpTrump is innocent!” The man, dressed in a suit, took up about 40 seconds of the committee’s time as he screeched, “Americans are sick of your impeachment scam!” while being dragged out of the room.

The flailing protestor spouted typical Fox News lies, including that Democrats are working to impeach this president “because they don’t like him.”

Some news outlets identified the protestor as InfoWars host Owen Shroyer.

On social media he was immediately mocked – take a look:





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