New Trump Plan Would Allow Taxpayer-Funded Adoption Agencies Refuse Same-Sex Couples, Because Jesus

President Donald Trump is working on a plan that would allow adoption agencies, even those supported with taxpayer funds, to refuse to let same-sex couples adopt. Trump had alluded to the plan during his speech at the National Day of Prayer.

"We will always protect our country's long and proud tradition of faith-based adoption," Trump promised attendees in February, adding that faith-based adoption agencies should be able to follow their "deeply held beliefs."

Axios reports there are two versions under consideration, both involve rescinding all or part of Obama-era regulations that mandated non-discrimination policies across all federal agencies.

One plan would entirely rescind the Obama regulations, the other would apply only to religious or "faith-based" groups.

The announcement could come as early as July, and would be based in the Health and Human Services Department’s Office of Civil Rights, headed by Roger Severino. The Human Rights Campaign has called Severino a "radical anti-LGBTQ activist."

Severino was also in the news today after his Office posted a proposal that would rescind Obama-era regulations protecting transgender people against discrimination in health care. The proposal would allow doctors and other health care providers, and organizations, refuse care to transgender patients.


Image by Caitlin Childs via Flickr and a CC license

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