‘Could Be a Rally in Nuremberg’: Chilling Viral Video of Trump Accusing FBI and Dems of Treason Draws Warnings


'Name One Country Where This Happened and It Ended Well'

The only appointment that appeared on President Donald Trump's official schedule Monday was a "Make America Great Again" campaign rally in Pennsylvania. Now chilling and disturbing video of a portion of the rally is going viral, and it's raising warnings from experts.

In the video, posted by Vox's Aaron Rupar, President Trump, with Air Force One as a prop in the background, accuses the FBI and the Democrats of treason. The crowd chants, "lock them up!"

The President then brags about his "great new attorney general who will give it a very fair look," meaning, who will investigate the FBI and the president's political enemies for treason.

The former head of the federal government's Office of Government Ethics called it "Shades of 1937," which seems to be an apparent reference to the rise of Hitler and his Gestapo.

A former Obama administration official offered this warning:

Scholar on fascism and authoritarian leaders:

Former foreign correspondent, columnist, and editorial writer at The New York Times:



Pennsylvania Senator:





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