Legal Expert (Who Is Husband to Kellyanne Conway) Declares Trump’s Tweet Is Witness Tampering

Despite his strong legal and political background few Americans knew conservative George Conway until his wife, Kellyanne Conway, became the first woman campaign manager to place a Republican in the White House.

But increasingly Conway has diverged from his wife's political views and now frequently and openly challenges President Trump.

Shortly after the President praised his BFF and former political advisor Roger Stone on Twitter, saying he had "guts!" for promising to never flip on Trump, Conway weighed in.

Law & Crime reports "18 U.S.C. § 1512 is, plain and simple, witness tampering."

"Conway is suggesting that Mueller might be looking at this tweet, as Mueller has apparently looked at other statements made on the president’s social medium of choice," Law & Crime adds.

Supreme Court lawyer, law professor, and former Acting Solicitor General of the United States Neal Katyal agrees with Conway:

Conway, who once agreed and won a unanimous decision at the Supreme Court, was on Trump's short list to be Solicitor General, but asked to withdraw from consideration.


Image by U.S. Dept. of State via Flickr

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