Law Professor Trashes Trump on Fox News After Cohen Gets Prison: ‘He Was a Thug and the President Hired Him’

George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley on Wednesday hammered President Donald Trump for trying to keep former “fixer” Michael Cohen within his inner circle even after Cohen’s office was raided by FBI officials earlier this year.

During an interview on Fox News’ “Outnumbered,” Turley said that Trump should have known better than to associate with Cohen in the first place, let alone hire him to be his personal attorney for several years.

“The president does bear responsibility here,” he said. “He picked Michael Cohen. Michael Cohen never had a good legal repetition. He never had a reputation as someone who was a particularly good lawyer. He was a bit of a thug and the president hired him.”

Turley went on to explain that he tried to use his platform as a Fox News contributor to warn Trump away from sticking with Cohen, but the president didn’t take his advice.


“Last year I wrote a column saying the president needed to sever Michael Cohen as fast as he could,” he said. “Instead, the president brought him closer. He had a very famous dinner with him at Mar-a-Lago. Those were mistakes.”

Watch the video below.

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