CNN Analyst Warns Flynn May Have Named Trump or Pence: ‘You Only Get a Good Deal if You Give Up Someone Above You’

Former Donald Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn may have “given up” the president or Vice President Mike Pence, a CNN political analyst explained on Tuesday.

Hours earlier, special counsel Robert Mueller had recommended as little as no jail time for Flynn, following his “substantial” cooperation with investigators.

Ryan Lizza explained to CNN anchor Don Lemon what that could mean for the larger probe.

“Remember when Flynn was first reported to be a cooperator, what most analysts said was you only get a good deal if you give up someone above you,” Lizza reminded.

“He was the national security adviser for the president — there aren’t very many people above him in the White House hierarchy,” Lizza noted. “Basically only the vice president and the president, right?”

“So that is incredibly significant,” he concluded.

Other analysts, however, have noted Flynn’s substantial work with Jared Kushner, the White House senior advisor who did not technically outrank Flynn, but may because of his other role as Trump’s son-in-law.



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