Wisconsin High School Teen Boys Give Nazi Salute in Group Photo


Photo Taken by One of the Teens’ Parents

A group of boys from a Wisconsin high school posed for a photo giving a Nazi salute, and one of them shared it on social media.

The photo was shared Sunday night on Twitter by an account called “Welcome to Baraboo,” and showed dozens of teenage boys wearing tuxedos and making the “sieg heil” gesture.

The boys were identified as the class of 2019 at Wisconsin’s Baraboo High School, and The Young Turks’ Jules Suzdaltsev tried to uncover more information about the boys and the photo.

“We even got the black kid to throw it up #BarabooProud,” the now-deleted account tweeted.

One boy in the middle of the group is making the “OK” sign that has become associated with white supremacists.

The photo was taken by one of the teens’ parents at junior prom, and was posted online as part of a group of shots from the event.

Suzdaltsev heard from Baraboo graduates who claimed school officials did little to punish instances of racial harassment and bullying, and some of those former students shared social media photos to back their assertions.


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