Trump Files Federal Rules Changes to Ban Migrants Entering Illegally From Applying for Asylum


Migrants to also be placed into "expedited deportation proceedings."

The Trump administration has officially changed federal procedures in an effort to drastically reduce the number of migrants applying for asylum.

"The new rules being proposed by the administration would bar those who enter illegally from making an asylum claim and place them into expedited deportation proceedings instead," USA Today reports, "according to a posting by the departments of Justice and Homeland Security on the Federal Register late Thursday."

Before the midterm elections President Trump spent weeks falsely suggesting thousands of "caravan" migrants were going to storm into the U.S. He sent at least 7000 members of the U.S. Military to the border. The day after the election the Pentagon eliminated "Operation Faithful Patriot," but the troops are still on the border.

Image by U.S. Customs and Border Protection/Josh Denmark via Flickr 


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