McConnell Blocks Bipartisan Mueller Protection Bill – Flake Threatens to Block All Judicial Nominees

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has just refused Utah Republican Senator Jeff Flake's request for a full Senate floor vote on a bipartisan bill to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Russia investigation.

In response, Senator Flake has just announced he will not vote to confirm any of the more than 50 judicial nominees McConnell is trying to get confirmed, as he said moments ago from the Senate floor:

The bill, which passed in April by a vote of 14-7, with Republicans and Democrats on the Judiciary Committee, including far right wing Chairman Chuck Grassley, voting for it.

Flake warned that Trump has Mueller "in his sights":

But Senator McConnell is using his privilege as head of the Senate to block any attempt for a vote on the bill.

“As you can imagine, I talk to the president fairly often,” McConnell told reporters Wednesday, as The Washington Examiner reports. “He’s given no indication the Mueller investigation will not be allowed to finish,” McConnell claimed.

McConnell added, “We know how the president feels about the Mueller investigation, but he’s never said he wants to shut it down."

That's false. Trump has tweeted angrily about Robert Mueller or the Mueller investigation over 50 times.


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