Judiciary Chairman Weighs in on if Americans Should Be Allowed to Read FBI Report on Kavanaugh

The chairman of the Judiciary Committee is weighing in on whether or not the American public should be allowed to view the completed FBI report into Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

In a word, no.

The White House ordered the FBI to open a supplemental – and extremely limited – background investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against the Supreme Court nominee. That original order included just four witnesses. After massive outrage, the White House claims it has told the FBI to interview anyone it wants.

Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley was opposed to the supplemental FBI investigation, and now he does not want the public to see the report when it is complete, presumably Friday.

"Senate Judiciary Chairman Grassley says he is not aware of an FBI report being made public," previously, NBC News' Capitol Hill producer Alex Moe reports, "so going by precedent he doesn’t expect the Kanauagh [sic] one to be made public."

HuffPost politics reporter Igor Bobic confirms Grassley's remarks.

A redacted report could be made public without endangering witnesses.


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